Nothing like going for a joy ride in a BIG boy car seat.

As you can see Owain was getting way to big for his infant car seat. So we ventured off to the nearest baby's R us for a new big boy car seat. We quickly became overwhelmed by the hundreds of different types. There were so many different choices. Finally after a few debates with an impatient little man we made our choice......
We went with the biggest big boy car seat that we could find. It goes up to 100lbs. That sealed the deal we won't ever have to by another car seat ever again! As you can see Owain was trying out his new big boy seat the morning before we installed it into the car.

Then daddy installed it buckled our little man up.
and went for a little joy ride around the neighborhood.

Our little man loves his new big boy car seat. He is constantly saying "Bye Bye" as he points to the door. He loves going for joy rides facing forward as he watches the world go by around him.

Knock on Wood

I wish I could say the reason why I haven't blogged is because I have just been to darn busy.

Busy with all the daily chores it takes to run a household.

Busy caring for my sick little boy while he fights off a NASTY viral infection.

That is not the case at all.

Well actually I have been busy with all of those things

but they have not kept me from blogging.

Pure laziness.

As kept me from blogging.

Pure laziness to down load a few pictures.

Pure laziness to type a quick little update.

Pure laziness to select publish post.

Not lazy with life...just blogging

Absolutely adorable.I know.

I can't believe it has taken me a 2+ weeks to up load photos of my handsome little man.

And yes that is a fohawk.

He finally has a enough hair to style.

It only took fourteen plus months.

Yes you read correctly Owain has a NASTY viral infection and ear infections.

Plus he is teething big time.

Poor baby has been miserable for the last three days. I don't know if it is hitting him harder because he does not have a spleen or this is just one NASTY viral bug that needs to leave my baby alone!!

Knock on wood.

He hasn't had a fever since 4:30 am this early Wednesday morning.

Knock on wood.

With the help of a stronger antibiotics hopefully Viral Bug will take a hike!

On a normal healthy day Owain takes 2.5ml twice a day of penicillin. He has been on penicillin since his spleen bleed to death during his first CDH repair surgery at two and half weeks old. He will have to continue to taking this drug until he is three maybe five years old. It all depends on his little immune system.

Since Monday the Nurse practitioner stopped his pencillin and started him on a higher dose of Amoxicillin for ten days. Then he will start up with his penicillin.

This is the third time we had to switch antibiotics due to an infection.This time it is hitting him harder than any other time. I am hoping and praying that we are on the home stretch to saying good bye to this not so friendly bug.

I am afraid while we wait for the bug to take a hike Owain will continue to refuse all solids and most liquids(don't worry his not dehydrated) just skin and bones. My poor little man has hardly any fat to loose he can't afford to skip a day,or two,or three with out eating!!!

I spoke to soon.

In the middle of this post.

My little man woke up with a fever.


I am off to go snuggle.

Promise I will be back sooner than 2+ weeks.

Knock on wood.