Not Me! Monday

I absolutely did not miss last weeks Not Me Monday! I would never dream of missing a Monday where I could be brutally honest just because I was in a funk and to lazy to blog.

And if I was that girl who would miss a chance to be brutally honest the following Monday I would not be brutally honest about everything I did not do in the past two weeks instead of one.Nope not me!

The Sunday before Valentines day my husband and I did not have a date night. We were not childless for the whole night!If we were it would have been really lame because that was the night my husband got sick!He did not spend the entire night on the couch unable to sleep due to a nasty cough and I did not go to bed by ten and slept nearly eleven hours!It was a good thing that was night our date night! Not us!

I haven't been up to blogging lately because I have been in a funky mood and have nothing to say.

The other day I did not completely freak out when I noticed my cat eating a balloon string. Before I could pull it out of her mouth she did not swallow it. Nope not my cat that would just be plain crazy!

I did not jump up and down when my husband came home with a video monitor that he bought off of Craig's list. He did not get a killer deal!

I did not just finally sign up for face book and I am not already finding myself totally addicted. Nope not me! I am not one of those peeps that gets easily addicted to anything that has to do with the computer. Nope not me! My husband is not a computer nerd either!!

I did not have one of the most emotionally draining days ever! as I type this I don't have a pounding headache from all of the crying I have not been doing. I am not blogging just so I can try and put today behind me. Even though I know that there is no way I could be numb of the major loss I and my family are trying to prepare ourselves for. I am totally not freaked out!

And because I did not have such and emotional day I am not about to go into my freezer and pull out a tub of some delicious homemade chocolate Ice cream a good friend made. Not I!
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Ballooo! Balloo!

Update: Sorry for anyone you has tried to view the video and was unsuccessful. I just fixed the problem(I think).Hopefully it works now. If it doesn't work please let me know. Thank You!

Owain loves balloons! So for Valentines day we bought him a balloon. Here is a video of him with his new balloon. If you listen carefully you can hear him say "balloo balloo"His version of balloon :-)

Happy Birthday Grandma M!!!!

Grandam M We hope you have a fun birthday! We are looking forward to seeing you next Sunday. Love You,

Owain,Amber and Eric

Not Me! Monday

Every Sunday I don't think about my Not Me! Monday post. I don't wonder when is Mckmama going to put her Not Me Monday post up?Sometimes she post on Sunday and other times she throws us blog reader's for a loop and post midday Monday.Just maybe this week will be my turn to be in the top ten! Well I don't really care about being in the top ten that is not why I am trying to finish my Not Me! Monday post Sunday night.Nope not me!

Earlier this week I pulled our handy dandy(did I really just say handy dandy?)dirt devil out to give the rugs a good vacuum.I did not vacuum Owain's play room(which used to be our dining room),living room and the hall way when I did not discover that the darn dirt devil wasn't picking anything up it was leaving little dirt and dust piles all over!What the heck?

Later when my husband came home from work he took a look at it.
This is not
the conversation we had...

After inspecting it for a good thirty seconds...

"hey babe where's the filter?"husband asks full of curiosity

I replied "oooh no! I think I must of accidentally threw it away when I emptied it out!"

Husband responds "well we needed to by a new one anyways"

It is a good thing that did not really happen because if it did you might see me on my hands and knees picking up all the dust bunnies and crumbs that are visible with my hands.I am glad that I didn't throw away the filter!

My sweet little man did not have a fever for a little over 48 hours!It did not break my heart to see him in such a pitiful state.After a day of filling miserable we were finally able to get him in to see the Nurse practitioner and I did not want to give her a good slap across the face when she was cleaning out my baby's ears. Keep in mind Owain was screaming bloody murder. I am sure that people in Canada could ear his screams! I am not kidding! It was awful. After she was able to remove most of the wax during her torture treatment she was able to get a good look and discovered that our little man has a ear infection.His very first ear infection.Poor little man!

Just when we think it couldn't get any worse well it doesn't. Later in the day my little man did not break out into what looked like a small rash on his back. It did not turn into a head to toe rash.Which turned out to be? Well I will let you be the judge?

So it is a good thing that in the picture our little man does not have the chicken pox! or he would be absolutely miserable with an ear infection,chicken pox,a fever for 48 hours! Plus cutting three more teeth. Man I am glad none of this happened to my little man over the week.If it did we probably would have been up most of the night trying to keep our little man comfortable.

With little man being sick I did not make a bed of pillows on our living room floor and let him watch Bear and the Big blue House while we snuggled.

And I absolutely did not share a vanilla ice cream cone with him either. Nope not me!

If all of this did happen to my little man (ear infection,Chicken pox,fever) during his miserable state of discomfort I did not think to myself "at least we are dealing with a normal childhood illness at home" and not in the hospital having yet another surgery.Knock on wood!

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Have a marvelous Monday!!!

Random Picture Chaleenge

If you would like to join in on the fun. Along with 4 little men and 2 girly twins and the rest of us go to your March 2008 folder and pick picture number five or ten. You get 2 choices this week!

I picked picture number five.
Of course it is a picture of my little man! No surprise their?
This picture was taken just a couple days before we brought him home from the NICU when he was six weeks old.

URGENT:Prayerer Request for Abby!

Please pray for Abby and her family. I am not going to go into all of the details but she needs our prayers more than ever!If you would like to read up on Abby's story and leave a comment for her family go here.

Thank You!

Friday Foto Fiesta!

I love Friday Foto Fiesta! Why? you ask. Because it gives me a chance to show off some pictures of my little man! You know because I don't do enough of that already. :-)

Last Friday we ventured off to the Children Museum and we had a blast! I think Daddy and I loved the place just has much has the boys!

If you saw my Worldless Wednesday post of Owain looking in the mirror wearing a cute little dinosaur tail well that pic was taken at the museum.

Here is Owain and daddy playing in the water works room.
Exploring the water. Oh and the big boy that you could only see the back of his head is Owain's big cuz. It is a challenge to get a picture of him these days.He hates it if he knows you are taking a picture he jumps out of the way. That little stinker!So we have to be sneaky.
Our little construction worker. Working hard. The hat only lasted about two seconds before Owain pulled it off. :-)
Move that truck!
Isaiah practices to be a dental care on the lovely Alligator.
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Have a Happy Friday!!!

Bring It!!!

At least for one day we had the pleasure of having the sun shine.
I know it is still winter but on this day it felt like spring!
Goodbye crazy winds,Goodbye white snow at least for one day!
I think we are ready for spring...bring it!
A day in the park on a spring like day in the middle of winter is a FANTASTIC day of fun!!!
Can not wait for spring to finally arrive.
So we can have more days like today!

Bring it!

Wordless Wednesday

What do you do when your toddler discovers the cat food?

I quickly grabbed my camera and began to capture the moment. Of course when I was done capturing this first I explained to my little man "we don't eat cat food"
"hey not bad....why hasn't mommy served this for lunch?"
"here mommy you got to try this"
After capturing this moment Owain was not happy with me when I pried his mouth open to remove the soggy piece of cat food he was chewing on.

Seriously though what child hasn't tried cat food or dog food?

Got any good stories of your own I would love to hear them?

Update on our CDH warrior's

Home Sweet Home!!!

After spending 115 days in the NICU John Carter is going home. Congratulations Brad and Kellie you must be so proud of your little man! He has come a long way and at last the three of you can be a family at home,oh and Lucy too!

Our next little CDH warrior who also just recently got to go home after spending five weeks and four days in the NICU is sweet little Alina! Welcome home Alina!Congratulations Ingrid and Alex!Your sweet little daughter is one heck of a warrior princess!

Baby Olivia is a little over two months into her CDH journey and she is doing great! The only thing that is keeping her in the hospital is feeding. Please pray that she gets the hang of taking in all of her feeding so she can go home! If you want to see some darling video of her and her twin brother Mason check out her blog. They are adorable!!

Our next group of CDH Warriors are in need of our prayers!!!

Please keep baby Davis in your prayers as he just began his fight against CDH. His first few days have been a roller coaster ride. Davis keeps making progress in the right direction but then he will make one step backwards. They have already had one ECMO(heart lung biapas machine) scare. Fortunately he began to make progress so as of now he doesn't need ECMO. Please pray that he can continue to make the baby steps he needs to be stable enough to have his repair surgery.Pray that the rest of his CDH roller coaster ride can go smoothly without to many bumps along the way. Keep his amazing parents in your prayers too.

Baby Joseph was born today and he is having a difficult time. His birth defect was more severe than they expected and he had to be transferred to another hospital to be put on ECMO. Please keep him and his parents Sky and Carla in your thoughts and prayers.

On January 28 little Miss Ava had yet another surgery to repair her bowls from when she re herniated a few months back and had a bowel obstruction. Her family nearly lost her a few months ago but Ava has amazed every one with her strength and determination.She just moved out of the PICU and is on the right road to recovery.Keep up the good progress Ava!

Also please keep the families who are expecting their babies soon.Pray for them to have strength while they get through this difficult ride. Pray for wisdom from the Doctors and Nurses.
Baby Kaden
Baby Maxton
Baby Virgina Addison

Also if you could say a little prayer for a friend of mine. She is twenty four weeks pregnant and had her routine ultras sound and the technician found something abnormal. At this point they are not sure what they saw if it was a shadow or something more serious. She goes in this Thursday for another ultra sound. Please pray that everything is just fine!

Thank You for praying for all of our little CDH Warriors!!!

I believe in the power of prayer!!!

Not Me! Monday

Another week flew by folks and you know what that means?

Yup that's right it is time for me to be brutally honest with you and share everything I did not do this past week!

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The four in one kitchen we got Owain for his birthday was not a huge hit! It did not keep a twelve month old,eight month old and a four year old busy for hours!! Well maybe it was more like twenty minutes but for little ones twenty minutes is hours!

I did not just have a picture of the boys playing with the kitchen and accidentally deleted it!

I was not pleased with getting a great deal on Owain's four in one kitchen paying only thirty dollars instead of eighty! I don't like a good deal and it certainly did not pay off when I discovered how much the boys love it. :-)

Speaking of good deals I did not head on over to the Outlet mall during the super bowel and saved over ninety dollars at the Oshkosh store! I did not only spend twenty dollars. Nope not me!

Now that my sweet little baby is now a toddler he isn't mischievous at all! Not my sweet little boy!When I turned my back for a second I did not see this...
What you are seeing in the picture couldn't be my sweet little boy pulling out all of the baby wipes out of it's container! Nope not my sweet little boy!

Did I mention that my sweet little boy is not mischievous?Beside from not emptying all of the baby wipe containers his newest favorite thing not to do is take all of books off of the second bottom shelf of our book shelf.Nope that is not my sweet little boy making a mess of the books!

This past week I had the pleasure of having my four year old nephew stay with us. I did not have a flash forward of what our life might be like when we add another child to our family.

I did not walk into our guest bath room only to find a smeared poop stained on the wall eye level to a certain four year old I might know. I was not completely grossed out! What's a little poop on the wall?

When making chocolate chip cookies with my nephew I did not let him have a taste of the cookie dough! and if I did I most certainly would never let him have another tiny taste! Oh and I would never join in on the goodness of raw cookie dough because that is never why I make chocolate chip cookies!