2 days after thanksgiving and still feeling pretty thankful

I am thankful for my strong witty husband Eric. He is so incredibly patient with me. I know  I am not the easiest person to live with. I can be a bit moody. Thanks babe for being so patient with me. I love you!

I am thankful for our little man Owain. He brings me so much joy in every day. Even on my most moody days. I am thankful for his health. Other than a little runny nose. He has been healthy. Knock on wood.I am thankful that he has made it one full year with out any surgeries HOLLAR!!!!! No recurrence,Notta. I am so thankful! I am blessed to be his momma! Love ya little man! I am thankful we were able to keep Owain on the same insurance plan. No need to change Doctors now.Thank you! I am thankful for Owain's surgeon Dr.Z. Owain wouldn't be the little boy he is today with out him. Thank you Dr.Z. You rock!

I am thankful that we were able to spend thanksgiving with my family in Sweethome.I am thankful to have such an amazing family. I love each and everyone of you.(((hugs)))

I am thankful for Lindsay at Suburban Turmoil for sharing her stuffing recipe. Once again it was a huge hit!

I am thankful for my husband's  uneployment. We wouldn't survive without.

I am thankful for my part time job.

I am thankful for this life I have!

go go go banana's....

thirty something with a heavy heart

While we were out Saturday night celebrating my thirty something birthday with good friends,amazing authentic Asian food,a non stop laughter comedy show. I had an amazing time but my heart was heavy. (and still is)

While we were celebrating another family is grieving over the lost of their sweet baby boy.Yes,CDH (Congital Diaphragmatic Hernia) is guilty for yet another innocent baby's life. I could only imagine the heart ache and pain his family is going through.

I feel very fortunate that our baby boy is now a healthy toddler. He beat the odds and is a CDH survivor.It just seems so unfair. Why can't this family bring home their baby boy too? 

Morning,noon and night I pray for every family that has,is or about to ride the turbulent CDH roller coaster.

Meet George....

George is Owain's new side kick.

Where ever Owain goes so does George.

Owain even shares his milk with George.

They are BFF (best friend forever)

Thanks Grandma P for Owain's BFF ;-)

Something I can't wait to get our son(and myself)

Ever since I found out that we were expecting, I have been dreaming of the day that I can play with advance construction/building toys with our son.  So far he is a genius with his mega blocks.  He can build a wall 1 foot tall all by himself.  (These are are the 3+ block set)  At or after his 3rd birthday is what I am waiting for, because I will purchase a building set that is oh so awesome.  It is called the Space Warp which is made by BanDai, the makers of the ever popular PowerRangers.  In the late 80's, BanDai stopped production of this toy, and later revived it in 2005.  It is available over e-bay, and one of my favorite geek sites, ThinkGeek which sells it as an import.  If you are wondering what SpaceWarp is all about,  Check out this awesome video of the SpaceWarp 5000(i'm going to buy 2):


You may look at this picture and think "wow! this is a boy who loves to eat!"
If that is what you thought,well you've just been fooled.
The only thing he consumed is a whole lot of ketchup.
He loves his condiments honey-mustard,ranch,sweet n sour,syrup ect.
The tricky thing is trying to get him to eat some food with his condiment.We struggle with this every single day. Breakfast,lunch,dinner and all of the snacks in between.Their are some days I wish we could skip meals. I get so frustrated making a meal just so my little man can through it all over the floor and wall.He use to eat. What happened? Back when we first introduced solids he would happily eat most of what I fed him. Now we are having a good day if he takes a couple of bites of his peanut noodles or waffle.It seems like we are having more days were he rarely eats at all. Which is so frustrating!Some days I just want to SCREAM!!

On the up side he is some how managing to put on a few ounces here and there. Which is surprising since he rarely eats.I am pretty sure it is the work of  Pedi sure to thank for those last few ounces.Thank goodness for pedi sure! Don't know what our little man would do with out it.

In the next week or two we will be meeting with a dietitian and we have a  referral for the feeding clinic.Hoping and praying that we can get to the bottom of Owain's eating issues.I want him to love food and have the desire to EAT EAT EAT!

Wordless Wednesday

Starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
The last eight months haven't been easy.
They have been everything but easy.
They have been stressful.
Us like many Americans we have been riding the unemployment train.
It just plain sucks!
Not being able to plan for the future is kinda scary.
The one thing I am grateful for is we have each other and our health.
In time the perfect job will land in my husband's lap. (wish it was that easy)
but for now I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Starting Thursday I am going back to work!
I am excited that this oppurtunity landed in my lap.
It's part time. Wish is perfect for me and my family.
 I don't think I could handle being away from this face 40 hours a week.

While I am working Owain and his daddy will have some male bonding time.
Which is good for both of them.
It brings me so much joy to see my two men together playing and laughing.
I am a  blessed momma and Wife.
In case you are wondering yes that is shaving cream on Owain's chin.
Just like daddy.

pure paint torture

This is Owain last year when we made hand print ghost.As you can plainly see it was pure paint torture.
It's amazing how much a year can change a boy and his desire to paint his hand,head,ear,belly ect.

Not Me!Monday

Well it's that time again. Time to confess all my imperfection to you,my fellow bloggers and boy do I have a lot that I need to get off my chest. but first please say a little big prayer for Mckmama's (the creator of Not Me Mondays) sweet babe Stellan. He has been in the hospital since last Tuesday. They can really use our prayers. Thank you.

Three months ago I married my sweet heart,my best friend,my baby's daddy

I did not just finally mail out all of the Thank Yous.I am not a procrastinator.I did not sit down at least a dozen times and started filling out the thank you cards to only put the pen down wait a few weeks to finish them nope not me!While writing out hundred thank yous I did not start to put the stamp in the upper left side of the envelope where the return address goes. That wasn't me!

I would never let my child paint his whole entire head,face,ear,body

Why would I make more work for myself?

Halloween day I did not let my little man eat has much candy corn as his little heart desired.Not my child.

I haven't felt like time has just been zooming by. Seriously where did summer go?What happened to September and October? It can't really be November already?

 Have a Happy Monday!
Please share some of your Not Me! Monday's.
I would love to hear from you!

Owain's Halloween Adventure

Owain's Halloween adventure started off with picking up a special package from his Grandma Outrageous(my mom) full of Halloween goodies.

Next stop was Catelyn's 2nd birthday party/Halloween party.
That is when Owain fell in love with the sweet taste of candy corn.

After parting hard and slowly coming down from a candy corn high
it was time to hit the streets for some Trick or Treating!

We ran into Owain's buddy Jack the dinosaur.
They scoped out each others goods.
Then it was off to Trick or Treat Grandma P's

Last stop was Grandpa P's and Kat-Kat (Kathy)