Four Month Well Visit

Today our little man had his four month check up with Dr.Howard his pediatrician. It went well Owain now weighs 10 lbs. 12 oz. he still is small for his age but that is to be expected considering every thing he has been through. The important thing is he is still putting on weight. Were not to worried. Dr. Howard said "as long has he is putting on weight and not loosing it that is good and in time Owain will catch up" He is almost two feet. We have a long skinny baby. He is still wearing 0-3 months and everything he wears is really big around the waist and short in length.

A couple of weeks ago Owain has been getting really dry, irritated red patches in different places on his skin. At first I thought maybe it was a heat rash. It would appear,disappear and reappear. Then I thought maybe he just has sensitive skin or maybe it's eczema. So I changed all his laundry detergent, soaps, lotions ect. and seemed to really work. Today Dr. Howard confirmed that it looks like eczema. She gave us a hand out of different kinds of lotions and creams. So we will try that and hopefully we will nip the eczema in the bud.

Owain wasn't to thrilled to get shots again. Even though he was upset he took it like a true warrior. That's my boy!

We have to go in for a weight check next month then we will have his six month well appointment in July. Crazy to think in a couple months my baby boy is going to be six months. He is no longer our newborn he is now our baby and soon he will be our toddler! I need to start baby proofing the house!

Our kitty playing dress up....isn't she cute!

A Visit From Uncle Aaron!

Yesterday was a another special day. Owain's Uncle Aaron (daddy's big brother) was visiting from Las Vegas. Uncle Aaron hasn't seen Owain since the day he was born. It was wonderful to be able let Uncle Aaron hold our little man and get to know him. He is not only Owain's Uncle but is God father too.

When Owain gets bigger Uncle Aaron has big plans to teach him how to play baseball!

Second day of road trip!

On his second day we went to his Great Uncle Lonnie's and Great Aunt Billijo for a BBQ. We had a great time introducing Owain to everyone. He got to meet his second cousin Kieth and his wife Kristie and their adorable son Keegan.He also meet his second cousin's Nina and Derrick.

He was so excited with being somewhere new with lots of new people he barely took a nap. Which was fantastic for us because he slept the whole way home.

I remember when this crazy CDH roller coaster ride began back in September at my twenty week ultra sound being so scared of the unknown. I was afraid we would never have moments like these with our son. Now I feel incredible blessed to have our son's health and to be able to share him with our family. I feel like the luckiest mommy in the whole world! We couldn't ask for a better outcome.

Road Trip!

Over the long memorial day weekend we took Owain on his first road trip to Aberdeen,WA. On the first day he meet his Great Grandpa Bill,played with his Grandma Outrageous,Snuggled with his Great Aunt Joyce (he really liked her). He also meet his second cousin Jo jo and had the pleasure of seeing his Great Grandma Judy again. It was a busy day for our little man and that was just the first day.

Finger Lick'in Good!

Owain discovered his fingers a couple of months ago and now he can't seem to get enough of them. He loves sucking on those fingers, they taste so good!

Smell the flowers

Owain has been very curious about everything! Every time he sees anything new like these flowers his blue eyes get real big. I love his curiosity it is so adorable!

    Cradle Crap! !

    The first week we brought Owain home from the hospital he broke out really bad with baby acne all over his little forehead. At first I was a little worried thinking it might be a rash we should be concerned about. Being a first time mom of a baby born with CDH,who lost his spleen I tend to worry about everything!

    Anyways back to the baby acne, His pediatrician told us not to worry it's just baby acne and it's very common in babies his age. After a few days his acne cleared up. I was amazed how fast baby acne clears up compared to adult acne.

    Once our baby was acne free he started to get a little bit of cradle cap on his forehead where his acne was. I wasn't to concerned but then it spread all over his head. I asked his DOC "what we can do to help his cradle cap?" She told us when we give him a bath to use baby shampoo and gentle massage the area and it should come off in the bath.

    So we did that and every time after bath his cradle cap looked better. Then the next day it would come back full force. Looking much worse!

    So that is when I began the research on the internet and asking other mom's what they use to help prevent cradle cap?

    Considering everything Owain has been through I know that this is nothing, no big deal. I am actually thankful this is our only concern. Cradle cap is just really annoying! My baby boys head looked like a scaly lizard! Not to mention it looked really itchy!

    Some of the suggestion were to rub baby oil on it, so I did that and it would look better for maybe that day but then the next day it would be back!

    So I tried baby lotion, didn't really do much. Nothing really seemed to work and the cradle cap just kept getting worse and worse!

    Finally the cradle cap was to the point that it was ready to flake off. So I helped by gently peeling it off while Owain slept. It didn't seem to face him one bit.

    So now Owain has no more cradle cap. I wanted to cry even though his cradle cap is gone. When I removed his cradle cap his cute little fuzzy hair (it reminded me of a little baby chick) came off with it! So now my baby is completely bald on the top of his. He still has some hair around the sides. It looks like it was drawn on with a pencil. I miss his fuzzy hair! I can't wait for it to grow back!

    After all this I think Owain feels pretty good that he doesn't have that thick cradle cap anymore and it doesn't seem to bother him that he looks lie a little old balding man. He still looks adorable in mommy and daddy's eyes.

    Wow just listen to me go on and on about cradle crap! You can see that I was slightly annoyed by this minor problem I will stop randomly on.