Saturday March 19
My good friend Renee and I were finally able to get together for lunch and some shopping.
Sunday March 20
no picture

Monday March 21
On our way home from work we spotted a beautiful rainbow.
Tuesday March 21
Eric and I stayed up late working on my new star behavior chart for my class. He hand made all thirty something envelopes. I have the best husband ever!

Wednesday March 22
no picture

Thursday March 23

Owain being cute at Fred Meyers.
Friday March 24
Setting Free our class lady bugs.
Sunday March 13

After church we went out to eat and Owain took over my hot chocolate.

Monday March 14
Our friend Steve stopped by for a visit.
Tuesday March 15
Eric surprised me with a belle. I have been searching for the perfect belle for my class to help with transition time. I just love it!
Wednesday March 16
This is the face I get when the Paparazzi momma has taken way to many pictures. Sorry kid, I don't plan on stopping anytime soon. You'll thank me twenty years from now.
Thursday March 17
My kids and I being silly on St. Patrick's day.
Friday March 18

At the end of the work/school week O helped free our class crickets now that Insect week was over. He kept say "they so cute ooooh cute! "
Saturday, March 5
O help me make green play dough for school.
Sunday March 6
After running errands as soon as we were all buckled up and ready to go O asked for his orange kitty. Not even two minutes later before we were out of the parking lot O fell fast asleep.
Monday March 7
While Eric cooked dinner O had I played a good game of candy land. He won.
Tuesday March 8
O had a follow up appointment with his AMAZING surgeon Dr.Z. We are blessed.
Wednesday March 9
 no picture

Thursday March 10
no picture

Friday March 11
Date night!
Saturday February 26

Daddy and Owain ventured off to the Children's Museum while I got some much needed reset,being under the weather and all. I love this picture! This child light bright brings me back to my childhood.  .
Sunday February 27,2011
Still pretty sick, while I rested some more my two boys visited Papa's house for dinner.
Monday February 28
I love this picture of O in the playroom at his school with his friend.These two look so much a like they could be related.
Tuesday March 1
Today one of my little girls in my class drew a picture of me. My heart melted. Notice I have a crown :-)
Wednesday March 2
Our furry Children.
Thursday March 3
Owain was sent home from school with his first case of PINK EYE!

Friday March 3

I don't have a picture of for today. O and I both stayed home from school, thanks Pink eye! I am going put this favorite pic of my boy. He looks so grown up here.

Project Life week 7

Saturday February 19

Today we laid my grandpa to rest. Rest in peace Grandpa Bill. You will be forever in our hearts.
Sunday February 20
We did a little shopping at Kohls. We spent $120. Saved a little over $200 plus we got 20 dollars worth of Kohls cash. I love getting a great deal.
Monday February 21
After a long day in the classroom the kitties and I snuggled watching the Bachelor.
Tuesday February 22

My Preschoolers and I revealed our Naked Egg experiment. Pretty fascinating what a jar full of vinegar could do to an egg in a weeks time.
Wednesday February 23
On our way to school/work we made a quick stop at Starbucks. Owain got a yummy croissant and he gave me a dirty look when I pulled out my camera. The momma paparazzi can get a little old.
Thursday February 24
We had a snow day!
Friday February 25

no picture.

Project Life week 6

Saturday February 12,2011
Owain and I made Valentines for he's new friends at school. Monday the 14th will be he's first day of preschool and my first day at work.

Sunday February 13,2011
We went over to Grandma P's house for a pre-valentines dinner.Owain loved his singing Alvin and the chipmunk card. The M&M's were a huge hit to.
Monday February 14,2011
Owain's first day of Preschool went great. He didn't want to leave and I had a great day teaching again. Once we were home for the evening Owain snuggled up with daddy. I love these two.
Tuesday February 15,2011
After a long day at work and school we came home to the fire alarm going off,. No fire, thank you god. Most likely some kids pulling the alarm. This was not the first time.The highlight Owain got to see the firetruck. About the same time I snapped this photo my mom called with some sad news my grandpa past away. Rest in Peace grandpa. We love you.Say "hi" to grandma from all of us.
Wednesday February 16,2011
Owain made a cleaning glove at school today.
Thursday February 17,2011
I visited Owain's class during my break this is what they were up to...
Friday February 18,2011

After a long day of work and school we made to our hotel in Aberdeen,WA.We were pleasantly surprised to hear we were upgraded to a suite free of charge.

Project Life week 5

Saturday February 5,2011

Owain was feeling a little under the weather so we took it easy watching Word World. Here he is with hiss kitty Slinky eating yogurt zoning out on the television.

 Sunday February 6,2011
Super Bowl Sunday, I personally could care less about football. The highlight of the game was snuggling with my friend's sweet babe while the guys watched the game.
Monday February 7,2011

Owain being silly wearing he's circles from he's shape shuffle game. "look at my new eyes mommy"
Tuesday February 8, 2011

oops I did it again, no picture

Wednesday February 9,2011

We went to the Zoo with our good friend's Megan and Cian. It was a cold sunny day. We didn't stay to long because of the cold but we did get to see quite a few animals.
Thursday  February 10,2011

Owain got a late birthday package in the mail form he's grandma outrageous.

Friday February 11,2011

I don't have a pic for today so I am gonna put this one from our trip to the Zoo.

Project Life Tuesday week 5

I am super behind on project life. Thank goodness we have a snow day today I am taking full advantage.

Saturday January 29,2011

This is by far my favorite picture of the day. We are so blessed to be parents to our brilliant  blue eyed boy.

Sunday January 30,2011

I pampered myself and gave my self a face mask. This is were I am keeping it real people.

Monday January 31,2011

No picture today. I had my first job interview in three years and that was pretty exciting.

Tuesday  February 1,2011

We went over to our friend's/ neighbors house Owain was hamming it up for the camera and being so sweet to baby Diti. Giving her kisses. He will make a great big brother some day.

Wednesday February 2,2011

I had my second interview today and it went well. During my interview Owain played in one of the classroom. When I walked in  he was playing dolls with a little girl. So cute.

Thursday February 3,2011

no picture today.

Friday February 4,2011

I had my third and final interview and I got the job, Lead preschool teacher.I am really exciting for this new adventure and the best part I will get to bring Owain!

stream of consciousness

Some big changes are happening in our family. Exciting changes. I have been blessed for the last three years to be home with my pride and joy, Owain. It's been an incredible three years. I love my job stay at home momma, house wife,maid, butt wiper {O's not  hubs}laundry keeper. But, it's time for me to go back to work. We've been praying for this for awhile. Financially things have been well super stressful. Our prayers were answered. Starting some time next week, still unsure when waiting for paper work and O's been sick with the sniffles,nasty cough,low grade fever. I think I may have jinks O last week during he's three year well visit I stated " O's been healthy all winter" I even knocked on wood after that statement. A week later my little man is sick.Anyways, If you follow me on face book you probably already know  I will be teaching,nurturing,loving twenty preschoolers.I am beyond excited for this opportunity. The timing couldn't be more perfect. The best part is O will be joining me! He will be spending the morning in another class. I think it will be really good for him to have some independence away from he's momma. We met he's teacher and she is fabulous. During my second interview he spent a couple of hours with he's new teacher and peers. He did great. I don't even think he missed me,not even for a minute. He will be joining me in my class in the afternoon. Which is perfect! I met some of my preschoolers this past Friday. They are quite a lovely  bunch. I am looking forward to getting to know each one of them.I'm thinking of having them all wear name tags for the first week or so.

While I type, I am finding it difficult to follow the movie with subtitles  hubs and I are watching.I have know idea what's going on. I am exhausted I spent all of today trying to get our apartment in order before I start working forty hours a week. Tomorrow there will be no time for house work with  church in the morning {I will be going solo hubs will stay home with O} and the super bowl in the afternoon. Who's playing? I could care less about foot ball. We do have plans to join our neighbors for the game. We shall see though there little ones have been sick to. If we do go I plan on making these. It's been nearly a year since I've had me some fake turtle and that folks is why I am excited for  the super bowl.

In between housework and taking care the sick kid I did a little shopping, for work. They have a dress code no jeans or skirts above the knees. Right now my wardrobe consist of leggings,skirts above the knee and jeans. For under fifty dollars I found a cute pair of brown trouser pants,a skirt below the knees, a shirt and an out fit for my friends baby.I love getting a great deal. If you do to head on over to my friend Amber's blog Dazzling Daily Deals.

I'm gonna call it a night,goodnight all.

Project Life Tuesday

Saturday January 22,2011

Our local library had a model train exhibit, This was right up O's alley. He loved it! He even had a turn controlling the train. He loved it so much he didn't want to leave.
Sunday January 23,2011

Just like in the movie Polar Express Owain pretended to be the conductor with my hole punch and an index card he punched our tickets.
Monday January 24,2011
The eve before Owain's birthday I baked these yummy Oreo cupcakes. He's only request for he's birthday cup cakes he wanted an Oreo cookie on top. { I plan on putting a recipe card}
Tuesday January 25,2011

Today our boy turned three! While daddy worked O and I rode the bus and max {he loves public transportation} to the Children's Museum after our fun day. We went out to dinner with daddy and grandma P to celebrate O's big day. Happy Birthday sweet boy we love you to the moon and back!

Wednesday January 26

 On our walk to the store Owain brought he's new camera we gave him for he's birthday and snapped away. I plan on adding several of the pictures in the album once I up load them. He's quite the natural photographer.
Thursday January 27

Today Owain's best buddy Cian spent the day with us while he's momma Megan worked.The boys had a blast playing. We also had six of our neighbors with small children over for a birthday play-date. We ate the Oreo cup cakes. YUM.
Friday January 28 2011

What a difference three makes. Owain did great at he's three year well visit. No tears. He kept saying "I like Dr.Brown. "