Project Life week 5

Saturday February 5,2011

Owain was feeling a little under the weather so we took it easy watching Word World. Here he is with hiss kitty Slinky eating yogurt zoning out on the television.

 Sunday February 6,2011
Super Bowl Sunday, I personally could care less about football. The highlight of the game was snuggling with my friend's sweet babe while the guys watched the game.
Monday February 7,2011

Owain being silly wearing he's circles from he's shape shuffle game. "look at my new eyes mommy"
Tuesday February 8, 2011

oops I did it again, no picture

Wednesday February 9,2011

We went to the Zoo with our good friend's Megan and Cian. It was a cold sunny day. We didn't stay to long because of the cold but we did get to see quite a few animals.
Thursday  February 10,2011

Owain got a late birthday package in the mail form he's grandma outrageous.

Friday February 11,2011

I don't have a pic for today so I am gonna put this one from our trip to the Zoo.

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