it's never to late for a Halloween post...

30 days after the sugar rush Holiday I am finally getting to it. Your welcome.We had some of our friends with small children over for a pre-Halloween celebration.The dad's shooting the breeze out on the balcony while us mom's stayed in side keeping the children in line.We munched on mummy pizza'a and ate way to many buckeye's.So many in fact a few days after the the sugar rush holiday I finally made time in my day to day life for the gym but that's another blog post for another day.As you can tell by this picture I snapped of O and his little friend jumping off the couch, Halloween was a jumping good time for all.
I would have to say that photo is my favorite picture of the night. I love it. Orange kitty with chocolate around his mouth and a cow in mid air.Some of you are probably thinking is that safe? Yes, it  was completely safe. After all I was on the floor right below ready to drop the camera if need be.Luckily the cow and orange kitty landed safely and I was able to capture this killer shot. My favorite photo of the night.Don't you love it? Here are a few more photos from our sugar rush Holiday known as Halloween ,thirty days ago. Enjoy.
two spotty cow's,Buzz&Orange kitty
Buzz keeping the universe safe with his glow stick and a stick.
and of course the cutest little pumpkin.
towards the end of our trick or treating the kiddos were getting a little to comfortable.

O's Day With Thomas, THE BOOK!