swimming swimming in a swimming pool

It's true I totally got a little teary eyed when Owain graduated from his very first swim lessons a couple of months ago. My baby is growing up it's safe to say he is no longer my baby. My baby is now a bright energetic little boy. No matter how big he gets he will always be my baby but really does time half to go so dang fast?
Ok back to swim lessons. Overall he did great. At first he was a little  timid of the water but after a couple of classes he warmed up and started participating. He learned how to make ice scream scoops, blow bubbles, do the alligator guide, pencil legs. He even started jumping into the water and daddy would catch him. Swim lessons was something special that just him and daddy did while I was at work. It was great for the both of them. Owain's favorite game they played hands down was the hokey pokey. I think it was daddy's favorite too.

you put your arm in 
you put your arm out.
you turn your self around.
that's what it's all about!!!

summer time+ blue lake park =

4th of July Corbett Parade

Mr.Owain's major interest have always been things that go.
whether it would be trucks,planes or trains.
If it's got wheels or wings his smitten.
However he sure didn't like it when the dump truck caring a big load went

He did enjoy the pretty ladies or maybe it was the horses.
or maybe it was both.
or maybe it was the candy being thrown at him.

either way the kid was stoked. 
It was raining suckers.

this parade thing isn't so bad.

when's the next parade?


our little man's MRI
came back...
his brilliant brain is perfectly
no sign of any type of seizure disorder.

change isn't always easy

There have been a few of changes happening in our life. All been good changes for the most part. The biggest change of all is a couple of months ago Eric (my amazing husband. love you babe.) was offered the perfect job. We felt a huge sigh of relief. After fourteen months of being on the unemployment train we were thankful to finally be getting off. The stress of having a family, being unemployed and having to deal with Owain's latest,longest and hopefully his last surgery(Cross our fingers).We were so thankfully that finally our prayers were answered and hubs found a job in graphic design. Something he has been trying to get into since he graduated with a Bachelor in Fine Arts five years ago.Hasn't been easy since every place wants you to have two plus years experience. Kinda hard to do fresh out of college.Not to mention the economy isn't all that great. Just about every job hubs applied for their were two hundred other applicants gunning for the position.

He was a print specialist before they laid him and a handful of other employees. It was the kinda job that  was alright it paid the bills.He didn't love it and defiantly couldn't see himself growing with the company. So when they laid him off fourteen months ago we felt it was a blessing in disguise. No one really wants to be put in that situation jobless with a family to feed and medical bills to pay.Not to mention all the other bills that come along with being a grown up. Us trying to have a positive out look  we saw this as an opportunity for him to move forward and find a job in graphic design. A job were he could be creative. A job were he would look forward to going to everyday. A job with full benefits.A company were he can grow with in that very company. After fourteen months on the unemployment train that perfect job found hubs or hubs found it. Either way everything always works out eventually. Sometime you just have to be patient and work hard so another door can open.

The only draw back is we had to relocate. The commute would be to much for hubs. The timing couldn't be more perfect our lease was ending.Everything was falling right into place. It's amazing how it all kinda works out that way.We quickly found another apartment  to rent. Were going on our third week in our new apartment home. I am hardly in love with it.I don't hate it but am defiantly not in love. The area well it's okay. I miss being on the other side of the river. I miss all my wonderful mommy friends and Owain's little buddies. It's taking some time to get use to our new little town outside of Portland just on the other side of the river. I am not  in love with our new neighborhood or town for that matter but our apartment home is starting  to feel like home.Now that all but one box is unpacked and pictures are hung.

 The best part of our move is why we moved. Hubs's  career. He loves it. It's totally worth the big change. Even though change isn't always easy. It's totally worth it to see hubs happy. Loving his new job. Being able to use his creativity on a daily basis and get paid for it. It's perfect for him Perfect  for us.

aren't the two men in my life stink'in cute?
Even at five something in the morning my boy is full of smiles.
My happy go lucky boy.
I love him more than any words can describe.

His not only  full of smiles at five something in the morning
but his also ready to be fierce
and model his blue hospital bracelet. 
work it Owain, work it.
You  know you would totally buy one of these bang'in blue bracelet.
My happy go lucky boy sure knows how to sell one of these babies.
Tyra Banks would be proud.

This morning MRI went well. Now we wait for the results. Not sure how long we wait a couple of days a week. I am no longer feeling  a bit anxious. I am at peace with whatever  the results are. It is what it is. Whatever card we are dealt. We will deal.  Seizure disorder or no seizures. I still am one lucky proud momma of this little happy go lucky boy....
Blessed we are.

is feeling a bit anxious...

Bright and early before the sun is up we will be heading to the hospital for Owain's scheduled MRI. I have known about this MRI for a couple of months now. Plenty of time to prepare. get my nerves under control. Yet I am feeling  anxious. Can't really put my finger on it. It's not like this is Owain's first MRI . He had one at six weeks old before we brought him home from the NICU. Back then his little brain looked A okay.We were pleased.

It's not like tomorrow's MRI will be the first big test of sorts that our little man will have to be under anesthesia.This is nothing compared to his four major surgeries he has been through. Nothing at all. It should be a piece of cake. So why am I feeling a bit anxious? I guess I am anxious for the results. Let me back up a few months ago to the very incident that is leading us to tomorrow's MRI.

It was like any other day unbuckling Owain out of his car seat. Except he had a blank stare. He was unresponsive when I  repeatedly called his name. What seemed like forever. Probably only a few seconds but immediately I new something was wrong. It looked like he was having a seizure. A petit mal seizure to be exact. I am no Doctor but I,myself have been living with a seizure disorder my whole life. When not on medication I could have anywhere from five to hundred petit mals a day. Sometimes those petit mals could turn into terrifying, helpless out of control grand mal that I would never wish upon on my worst enemy. If I had any enemies..I hate seizures yet I am thankful that I new what to look for. Most people don't even know what a petit mal looks like.I new that day in the car my little man wasn't just staring off into space day dreaming. I hoped and prayed he was. Just to be sure we made an appointment with his pediatrician.

I really thought I was just over reacting. No way my little man was having some type of seizure.No way. After all my seizure disorder is not genetic. I have a scar on my brain due to lack of oxygen during a traumatic birth. Owain also had a traumatic birth. Way more traumatic than mine was way back in the 70's. Since birth he has also had four major surgeries. So I guess it's possible he could of had a seizure?Maybe he has a scar on his brain too?  but I really didn't think so. I really honestly thought I was over reacting. So after meeting with the neurologist to learn what the results were  of his EEG. I was shocked to hear. Yep it defiantly showed signs of a seizure.WHAT? We left that appointment in complete and utter shock with  Diazepam in hand. A rectally medication that would only need to be given if he has had a seizure longer than four minutes. Thankfully we haven't needed to use it.

(Owain waking up after his EEG. )

So tomorrow we go in for an MRI.The MRI will give us a much better picture of what is going on in that big brain of his. Like I said I am  a bit anxious for the results. I really don't want my little man to have to go through what I have went through growing up with a seizure disorder.His been through enough in his two and half years. Way more than most of us have in a life time. It could be worse.I know first hand that seizures suck but they are not the end of the world. If in deed he does have a seizure disorder we caught it early.He could out grow it. Heck if my seizure disorder didn't go undetected for the first fifteen years and I was treated early on I might of out grown my seizure disorder.

So in five hours our alarm will be waking us up. Knowing hubs and I will push snooze a few times. Before we wake our sleeping little man and head to the hospital before the sun is even up. I am not sure when we will get the results of his MRI I hope we don't have to wait to terribly long. I better sign off try and get a few hours of sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a long day.

good night.