a little weekend recap

O at the beach April 2010

I really don't have a whole lot to say...
but since I made a blog promise a few post back here and I have already failed to hold up to my bargain. Headache or no headache I will blog dammit.

We had a pretty good chill weekend. No real big plans.The only event on our calendar was Mr.O's soccer tots.I stayed home while hubs and O ventured off for a little game.  I had big plans of being super speedy productive in the morning while the men were away.I slept. So much for a speedy productive morning. I woke up to my little man bringing me a dandelion he picked outside the soccer arena. {grin}

Hubs traded places with me.Soccer is early 9:30 and us both being the night owls that we are that's pretty freak'en early for us on a Saturday.After nap we played out side at this really cool park our friends joined us. It was a glorious sunny day with great company. We ended our day with happy hour at Gustave's. 

Sunday it rained. Which was great motivating my ass into being productive. I feel good with the amount of organizing and cleaning I accomplished today. Except for my headache. Damn you headache! In between being productive O and  I got all crafty. 

It was a good weekend.

not just any ordinary pancake

Growing up my  just about every Sunday morning my mom would make pancakes. Not just any ordinary pancakes but German apple pancakes. They were and still are one of my favorite dishes my mom would make. Now that I am a Wife and ma-mom I carry on with this tradition.
You will Need:
4 eggs
3/4 c. all-purpose flour
3/4 c milk
1/2 tsp. salt
1/4 c butter
1/4 c.sugar
1/4 tsp. ground cinnamon
2  med. apples thinly sliced

Heat oven to 400' place r round layer cake pans (9x1/2inch) in oven. Beat eggs,flour,milk and salt in small mixer bowl on medium speed for 1 minute. Remove pans. Place 2 table spoons of butter in each pan rotate pans until butter melts and well coats sides of the pan.

Arrange half of apples in each pan. Divide batter evenly. Mix cinnamon and sugar. Sprinkle 2 table spoons over each pan,. Bake uncovered 20-25 minutes.


stream of consciousness

We had a pajama day today. Didn't leave the house once not even to check the mail or take out the garbage. Every once in a while I love a good pajama day like today. I did manage to get some laundry folded and put away oh and this morning I baked blueberry muffins and managed to burn a boiling pot of yams and carrots (don't ask) Owain did some beading. He made a fishing pole. I like his beaded fishing pole. I made a bracelet.
My throat feels a little scratchy. I really hope it's not the beginning of something.knock on wood. Poor little man woke up several times hacking up a lung. Nothing  a little honey wouldn't help. Did you know honey helps with a cough?The nice thing about honey is it's sweet and Mr.Owain loves sweets. Just like his momma. I have the best husband ever! Tonight he made country chicken gravy,mashed potatoes and corn. One of the best cooks I know. Lucky lady I am.
It's not even October yet and Owain has already changed his mind several times on what his going to be for Halloween.We shall see. I love this time a year with the holidays and season change and all. It rained today I hope it's not the beginning of the rain for the next six months.As much as I love this time of year the rainy season can get a little old.We have a spider web in the  hallway. I love it hubs is a little freaked out by the web and the family of spiders.Owain was a little spooked out too but now every time he walks under the web he waves and says "hi spiters"
What to you think of Owain's fishing pole? Pretty snazzy. I now have twelve followers. Let me rephrase that I have twelve followers of this little blog of mine. Not counting the grandparents. Woohoo! thanks for following. I love reading your comments. It makes my day. {grin} I have been praying for this sweet little baby. Well I think I am going to call it a night. A hot bubble bath and hot honey tea are calling my name.

Have a good night!
thanks for stopping by.

what not to sing...

It was late a quarter after minute.

I was drifting in and out of sleep on the couch while an episode  of Dirty Jobs playing on the flat screen. I was waiting for hubs to come home from a guys night out.Failing miserably to keep my eyes open.  When I heard a frantic screaming "waaaawaaaaawaaaaawaaa" it took me a minute to realize where the screaming was coming from Owain's room. I jumped up off the couch in a daze running to check on my little man. Slinky kitty (Owain's cat) was sitting outside of his door trying to claw his way into the room. He loves his Owain and hates to hear him cry,as do I.

I stumbled into Mr.Owain's room to see him almost  hyperventilate with big old crocodile tears run down his cheeks. He was still laying in his big boy bed covered up with his blankie. I scooped him up into my arms and asked him "honey what's the matter?"
 In between tears he proceeded to tell me "rain cloud Ma-mom rain cloud!"
"oh honey you just had a bad dream"
I held him close rocking him. I started to sing him a lullaby. The only problem with that is I couldn't think of any lullaby and I was till very much in a sleep daze but I wanted nothing more than to comfort my boy. So I sang the first song that came to my mind.

"theeeee iiiiiitsy biiiiiiitsy spideeeeeeeeer"
before I even got to the next lyric he broke out into a  scream

Note to self: when your child has a dream about a rain cloud don't sing them the itsy bitsy spider song.
bad idea a really really bad idea.

I quickly changed tones. Forget the dang lullaby. I grabbed the nearest book and started to read him Chimps don't wear glasses by Laura Numeroff.

Plan B worked Owain's crocodile tears faded away.He forgot about the scary gray rain cloud as he laughed at those silly chimps wearing glasses while they beat on the drums,played the guitar,sang in the microphone those silly old chimps they think theri rock stars.They were smart enough or at least wake enough not to sing itsy bitsy spider.

I spent the next forty five minutes reading books snuggling with my little man. In between books we did have to look out the window to check and see if their were any rain clouds.Hubs came home from his guys night out and we tucked Owain back into bed. "Good night Mr.Owain we love you!, sweet dreams!"

What is CDH?

Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH) is a birth defect that occurs when the diaphragm does not fully form around week 9-10 of gestation. This can allow some of the abdominal organs to move into the chest, preventing normal lung growth and possibly also causing damage to the heart. This defect happens in about 1 in 2,000 births. Unfortunately, CDH is a rather unknown birth defect that most people don’t hear about unless their baby is diagnosed with it. CDH happens at about the same rate as cystic fibrosis and spina bifida.
Many hospitals aren’t equipped to treat CDH babies. They either don’t have surgeons who can perform the hernia repair surgery or they don’t have an Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation machine (ECMO) which is a heart lung bypass machine that is sometimes used in treatment of these critically ill babies. 
The survival rate for CDH babies is around 50%. At Legacy and other hospitals that use the gentle ventilation technique for treatment there is a 92% survival rate for babies that don’t need ECMO. Some babies with CDH also have other birth defects, affecting the heart, chest wall (pectus excavatum) or spine (scoliosis). There are also some chromosomal abnormalities that can occur with CDH. Some babies, however have only the CDH and no other structural or chromosomal abnormalities.
So many little ones that are born with CDH have lasting problems. Often the lungs don’t grow to normal size or function so babies may still need the help of oxygen or other lung medications. Other common problems are with feeding, from acid reflux to oral aversion and problems with weight gain. Some babies also experience different developmental delays from extended hospital stays or ECMO and the side effects of different medications.

O's fight to live!

This is a CDH success story.

I found this poem on another blog that  I found helpful it gave me strength when I felt weak.
“I will be a better mother for all that I have endured. I am a better wife, a better aunt, a better daughter, neighbor, friend and sister because I have known pain.
I know disillusionment as I have been betrayed by my own body. I have been tried by fire and hell many never face, yet given time, I stood tall.
I have prevailed.
I have succeeded.
I have won.
So now, when others hurt around me, I do not run from their pain in order to save myself discomfort. I see it, mourn it, and join them in theirs.
I listen.
And even though I cannot make it better, I can make it less lonely. I have learned the immense power of another hand holding tight to mine, of other eyes that moisten as they learn to accept the harsh truth and when life is beyond hard. I have learned a compassion that only comes with walking in those shoes.
I have learned to appreciate life.”
Aurthur Unknown
What? Were gonna be parents!

Hubs and I were pleasantly surprised when we discovered that we were pregnant with our first baby. Shocked would be an understatement. We weren't  trying at all. In fact I was on birth control. We talked about having a family and always new it was in the cards for us we just had no idea how soon our family of two would soon be a family of three. Once we got over the initial shock "WERE GONG TO BE PARENTS" we were on cloud nine. We had some concern right away. With me being on  birth control we new I immediately needed to stop taking it. Another concern was my seizure disorder. The medication I was taking at the time could possible be harmful to my unborn baby. I was terrified knowing that I was taking medication for the first six weeks of pregnancy unbeknown to me  that could cause severe birth defects like Spina bifida and Nerul tube defect.  I  immediately stopped all of my medications. Stopping all of my mediations could be potentially dangerous. The risk of me having a seizure go way up.The risk of continuing taking my medication  were greater. I didn't have a choice I needed to do what was best of our  baby. With out medication it would only be a matter of time before I stared having seizers which could be harmful to our  baby and myself. In order to keep my seizure disorder under control I began to see a natural path and started taking natural supplements. They were completely safe  for our  unborn baby and they were keeping my seizures under control. It was a win win.

At twelve weeks we had our first ultra sound. It was amazing to see our little baby.To hear a strong heart beat. That's when it became rally real.  WERE GOING TO BE PARENTS! Holy batman this little life we are responsible for. From that moment on Hubs started calling our little growing babe a pot sticker.Kinda weird, I know.That's what our little babe resembled at the time. We both were beyond  excited to be parents.

We had another ultra sound a few weeks later to get a good look at our little pot sticker's spine. To rule out spinal bifida. I also had blood work done to rule out Nerul tube defect. While we waited for the results we prayed "please god let our little babe be healthy" It felt like an  eternity,waiting. A week or so went buy and finally  We heard the news we were hoping to hear our little babe tested free and clear of both birth defects. Our prayers were answered. Thank you GOD! thank you GOD Our growing little pot sticker is gonna be just fine. 

The next few weeks were a breeze. My belly was getting bigger and bigger by the day. I was filled with so much joy. I loved being pregnant. I felt so blessed to feel this little babe of ours move around. I really felt at peace that our little babe (aka Pot sticker) was going to be born healthy. Placed in my arms right after birth and nurse like a champ. The natural supplements I was taking were still working for the most part. I did have one grand-mal seizure. It only lasted a couple of seconds. I was told by the ER doctor that if I had another one that I would have to consider getting on a different type of anti-seizure medication that would be safe for our unborn baby. The seizure didn't faze our little babe. Strong heart beat check. My cervix closed check. Having a seizure while pregnant can block the oxygen to the unborn babe and it could also cause preterm labor. Neither one of these we wanted. So with all that being said I was monitored by the Doctors and my natural path. I wanted to go as long as I could before having to take  any anti-seizure drug. The longer I go the better for our babe but I was also in fear of having another seizure. They are horrifying. I wouldn't wish a seizure on my worst enemy. If I had enemies.

CDH, what?

The day the storm blew in was the day of my twenty week ultra sound. I didn't think anything of it except that we were going to find out the sex of our little babe. Boy or girl. It felt like Christmas morning we couldn't wait to find out if we were going to have a son or daughter. It never occurred to us that my pregnancy and our life's were about to take a Jurassic turn. We left  on top of the world "we were having a BOY!" We were so excited we immediately started calling everyone we new to share our  news. Hubs went off to work with one of the ultra sound pictures of our son and I went home.

We were having a BOY! a baby boy our baby boy. A son. Our son.Oh boy were we excited!

The storm didn't really hit until quarter after seven that night. I was happily online registering for all the baby stuff when my phone rang. I looked down at my caller ID. Unfamiliar number. I picked up the phone "hello" that was out of my character. If I don't know who's calling I usually let it go straight to voice mail. Something told me to pick up that darn phone. On the other end of the line I heard my O.B's deep Russian accent. My heart dropped. I new something was very wrong.I tried my hardest to remain calm.My heart began to beat rapidly. He began to explain  that the tech noticed that our baby had a  fatal birth defect known as Congital Diaphragmatic Hernia. I had know idea what the f***k he was talking about? Come to think of it the tech did leave the room several times during this morning's ultra sound. I didn't think anything of it, Until now. Wiping tears I asked him "could you please call my husband at work and explain all this to him?" I was a hot mess. I new I wouldn't be able to explain clearly all the medical information. My O.B replied " yes but I need to make this quick, I have been at work all day" are you f***ing kidding me! That was the last I spoke to that jerk of an O.B. When I hung up the phone I collapsed to floor sobbing yelling "why god?why our baby? why our son?" I felt as if my heart was being ripped out of my chest. All our hopes and dreams for our son being born healthy were gone.

Hubs came home from work early. He picked me up off the floor and we sobbed in each others arms. Well I sobbed he remained calm.Trying to be strong for me, for us.He shared with me what that jerk of an O.B told him "that their was no hope for our son. he highly recommend having  abortion" I was stunned. I had know idea that was even a possibility at twenty weeks gestation. How could we just abort this little life?I can feel moving inside of my womb. Our son, abort our son! That was not a possibility for us. We new we couldn't give up hope. Hope that our son would beat the odds and be CDH survivor.

The rest of my pregnancy was filled with many Doctors appointments, Ultra sounds, test after test. Instead of researching  for a pediatrician. We were researching for the best pediatric surgeons.Touring through a NICU. The Doctors kept reminding us that our baby is going to be born sick,very very sick.Baby's born with CDH need to be in the level three NICU. Where the sickest babies are cared for. Many tears were shed. We prayed and cling ed on to hope.Hope gave us strength. We found hope reading  CDH survivor story's and even having the pleasure of meeting a sweet vibrant baby boy who fought the fight to survive and won! Meeting with him and his parents gave us hope for our sweet son.

A Warrior is born

Four days before my scheduled induction day my water broke.  I was in a panic.  I wasn't ready. Not now. Please god just let me carry my sweet boy safely in my womb a little longer.Please, I begged. With me being the procrastinator that I am I didn't even have our bags packed. I was terrified of the road ahead.Afraid of the unknown. Afraid of the CDH roller coaster ride. This was one ride I wish I could avoid competely but this was the ride chosen for us.For our babe.No time to be weak I needed to be strong for our son.

Twenty -two hours of labor (three hours of hard core pushing) It was decided that I needed a C-section.I cried this was the last thing I wanted. Our little babe was sunny side up (face up) so with each push he would go down then back up. I was exhausted and at that point I just wanted the whole labor thing to be over. Cut me open and get him out already!

at 2:32 pm on the day of January 25,2008 our little warrior O was born

Before you were conceived I wanted you.
Before you were born I loved.
Before you were here an hour I would die for you.
This is the MIRACLE OF LIFE.

O had a first couple of really good days.We were so thankful. Then he started to really take the turn for the worse. The Doctors prepared us for the "unthinkable". We were on pins and needles. Praying for a miracle. We never gave up hope.I was terrified this wasn't how I imagined how the birth of our son would go he should be cradled in my arms. We should be home..Instead our only son was in the level three NICU on life support fighting for his life. Terrified is an understatement.

Finally at seventeen days old O had his repair surgery right at his bed side in the NICU. He was so sick and fragile his amazing surgeon didn't want to risk moving him to the operating room. That was the longest four and half hours of our life. O's surgery was anything but easy. His spleen bleed to death. He lost a lot of blood  he had to have several blood transfusions.(thankful for people who donate blood, thank you!) He was missing 90% of his diaphragm on the left side. His stomach and bowl were in his chest. Which pushed his heart over to the right. His lungs were underdeveloped.The amazing thing about lungs is they continue to grow until a child is eight years old and even though O's lungs were small their was hope.

He was still in critical condition. The next several days will be tough for O. The Doctors and Nurses reminded us " he will get sicker before he gets better " Which is really common for babies born with CDH.

The day after his BIG repair surgery hubs and I walked into the NICU feeling GREAT. Our son is truly amazing. Yes he was still very very sick. I new in my heart now that  O fought through this major hurdle he was only going to amaze us and continue to fight and kick CDH's ass.Before we were able to walk over to O's bed side one of his Doctors stopped us dead in our tracks. "Wow! I thought O died last night! his surgery didn't seem to go to well, you know he is doing okay now but he will get sicker before he gets better." My first instinct was to give her a bitch slab. I took a deep breathe before I said anything  I would re-great and walked over to my little warrior all bandaged up from war. Keep in mind at this point O was stable. Still critical but stable.This was the one Doctor who had the worst bed side manor. From day one she had very little hope that our son would beat the odds and survive. I new O would prove her wrong. He was only going to go up from here. And that he did five days later he came off of the ventilator breathing with the help of oxygen.That very same day we held him for the very first time. He was  twenty two days old.

Three weeks later we were bringing our little miracle home.It seemed so surreal. We waited for this day for so long. Their were days we weren't sure if this glorious day would ever come.We had so much to be thankful for. We new he wouldn't be at this point with out his awesome surgeon, Nurses and all of the NICU Doctors even the one with the horrible no good bed side manor.He was breathing room air, and only on two medications one for acid reflux (another common thing for babies born with CDH) and an antibiotic(for the loss of his spleen)  he will have to remain on until he is three to five years old.

Hip hip hooray were going HOME!

The next few months were pretty uneventful. We were happy being a little family of three at home. I was anxious and worried all the time that O's hernia repair might   re-herniate. My biggest fear. Since he only had 90% of his left diaphragm his surgeon had to get  creative and and tie the gore tex patch (his make shift diaphragm) to his rib cage. We were told he had a 15% chance of having a recurrence. With that being said O had to have a routine x-ray every three months. We lived each day to the fullest. With every sleepless night I was oh so thankful for our healthy little man. Our miracle. Our CDH warrior.

A CDH Mother's biggest fear

At nine months old with a routine x-ray we learned O had a recurrence.My heart dropped with this news. My fear was now becoming a reality. The day before his daddy's birthday O had his second repair surgery. Once again we were on pins and needles. This time his surgeons wanted to approach the situation with a less invasive approach, endoscopic . Surgery went well,so we thought.

The next day was a night mare. O was feeling miserable with a high fever and we learned after another x-ray and CT scan that  some of his bowl was still  poking through his diaphragm. He had to have a third surgery the following day.Two surgeries in three days.We weren't thrilled. I felt really uneasy having to hand my nine month old pride and joy over to the Nurse again. This wasn't part of the plan. Two surgeries! Not the plan, dammit.

O pulled threw like the warrior that he is. Two surgeries in three days ( a total of 7 hours in the OR), six days in the hospital we were bringing our sweet boy home once again.Thank you god! and thank you to all of his amazing Doctors and Nurses.  We love each and every one of YOU!

Not again!

We continued to live life to the fullest. O hit all of his milestones right on track. We are so proud of our little man. The biggest issue we had was getting him to gain weight and eat like a real boy. Considering every thing he has been through this issue was minor.

A week before his second birthday O had his last scheduled routine X-ray. When I was told this would be his last schedule X-ray. I felt uneasy. It was never fun taking our little man to have an X-ray but with each X-ray  gave me peace of mind that his gore tex patch was still intact. O never showed any sign of having a recurrence. Each time we found out was through an X-ray.Knowing that their would not be anymore scheduled X-rays concerned me. what if O had another recurrence? what if he showed no signs until he got so sick it would be to late?

His surgeon gave us a thumbs up after taking a look at O's last scheduled X-ray. A few days later we got a call from his awesome surgeon. He took another look at O's X-ray looks like he had another recurrence. My heart dropped with the thought of our little man having to go through yet another surgery, another hospital stay.I was thankful for his thorough surgeon taking a second look.Just another bump in the CDH roller coaster ride their is nothing we can't handle.Nothing O can't handle.

Since O wasn't showing any signs of being uncomfortable. His recurrence didn't seem to affect him at all. His surgeon didn't feel the need to rush him into surgery. He wanted to meet with a team of surgeons to come up with a better game plan for O. His surgeon never had a CDH patient have so many recurrences. Leave it to our little man to be his first.

While we waited for the team of surgeons we tried to keep our routine the same and have lots of quality fun family time. We also tried to prepare our two year old for another stay in the hospital. Every night for the two months before his fourth surgery we read him a book about going to the hospital.It became one of his favorite books. I was nervous for this hospital stay. O is much more aware of his surroundings.I new this would be a difficult  for him. On the bright side hubs and I were familiar with the hospital we new both of us could sleep in O's room unlike when he was in the NICU.

Fourth times a charm

March 31,2010 we drove our sweet boy to the hospital before dawn. I was anxious and just wanted to get this all over with. So we can move on. So O can move on. I felt confident in the team of surgeons. This was the longest surgery to date eight and half hours long. O once again handled it like a champ. Every thing went well. This time he had his liver and small bowel in his chest. Instead of putting in another gore tex patch like they did the last three surgeries. They removed his rib so they can do a latisum dorsi flap.  O has three gore tex patches and a latissimus dorsi flap working as his diaphragm.We feel very hopeful and confident that this will

The recovery process was painful. O had his arm in a sling, a chest tube and a JP drain. For the first four days we couldn't hold him.This was difficult. O didn't understand why ma-mom couldn't hold him. At one point he was kicking and screaming having one of the biggest temper tantrum ever. He had every right to throw a tantrum of this nature. I did the next best thing I crawled into his hospital crib leaned over in the most numbing uncomfortable position to comfort my boy.

Easter day, six days after surgery we were going home. We were  behind happy to be getting the heck out of the hospital but a little reluctant. O had to go home with the sling which was no big deal. He also had to go home with a JP drain. Eeeeck it totally grossed me out. I am not a Nurse.I don't do well with Nurse kinda jobs like a drain coming out of my toddler's side.Needless to say it totally grossed me out. Not as much as his chest tube which was removed on day four. Thank goodness the chest tube had to be removed before being discharged.  Thankfully hubs took on the role of taking care of the JP drain.Nurse Hubs to the rescue! Two days after being home we took O to one of his amazing surgeons to have it removed  and that was that no more JP drain, you won't be missed.
JP drain

 A week later O's no longer needed his sling or any pain medications. He was back to being a curious little boy full of energy. Each time O has another set back (surgery) he amazes us how remarkable his little body heals. We are so blessed to me his ma-mom and daddy. He wouldn't be here thriving without his team of surgeons,Nurses and Doctors. Thank you for all your hard work and devotion to making a HUGE difference in our son's life and others.

Thank you for taking the time to read O's story. O's is not alone. Every year 1600 babies are born with Congital Diaphragmatic Hernia. Out of those 1600 babies only 50% will survive. My heart aches every time I hear of another baby/child loosing their fight against this awful birth defect.

stream of consciousness

Owain didn't make it to his second Saturday of Soccer tots due to him being sick the day before and the day before that. He probably would have been okay but I wanted him to be at least fever free for twenty-four hours. By morning it had only been twelve hours so we all slept in until 10:47. It was amazing.Hubs made scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast. I have a headache. Some one drank my last two Pepsi. YES I am addicted to Pepsi. It's my only addiction well that and chocolate. Maybe now is the time to quit. I have quit before but that only last no more than three weeks. I am feeling a little bitter. I want my Pepsi dang it!
Owain last Saturday at Soccer Tots

This afternoon hubs had to work so Owain and I ventured off to the mall with some friends. It was fun but I miss shopping with out a toddler. I still really wish I had a Pepsi. Is it worth walking to the store in the rain for? Nope I really need to quit. What better time than now. Before the mall hubs O and I went a little crafty at Michaels. I love Michaels. I could spend all day their I also could easily spend a lot of money their too. I love listening to the rain. Still feeling bitter about the Pepsi. Tomorrow we are going to bring out our Halloween decorations from storage. I am excited! Before I was a mommy I was never really into decorating for the Holidays to much but now I am so into I am probably going to drive hubs crazy.

I really have nothing else to say.Except I wish I had a Pepsi! I hope all of you had a wonderful Saturday. I am off to read Owain a bedtime story then watching The Apprentice while crafting.Good night!

a day out with....

Thomas the Tank Engine!
This trip was a surprise for Mr.Owain he had know idea that his Grandma P planned this special trip out of state to see his favorite tank engine months ahead of time. That we (Ma-mom, daddy and grandma) were giddy with excitement trying our hardest to keep this trip a secret. He loves trains and we new this would be a memorable weekend for all.

The night before we asked Owain "who do you think the someone special we are going to see tomorrow is?"
he replied jumping up and down on the hotel bed "SANTA!"

Do you see the excitement when our little man first lays eyes on Thomas?
Our boy with his first celebrity sighting.
We even got to ride on Thomas.
Super cool and super HOT!

After the train ride we played with trains, of course
It was a day full of joy and sweat (it was a HOT HOTsummer day). Lots of water and juice pop-cycles were had by all. We listened to Casper Underpants live. My new favorite children's band. They are awesome!I highly recommend their CD. Thank you Grandma P for making this memorable day possible! We love you!

Where in the world is little Mr.O ?

Where did Mr.O vacation  the second weekend in July?


self portrait taking by your truly..

Mr.Owain woke up with a fever this morning. Not a  high fever only 101.2. I am keeping a close eye on it though. Since this morning it's gone down to 100. with the help of Tylenol. It's kinda ironic little man is sick just the other day I was reading another blog of another sweet little boy with a fever and such and I thought to myself yup it's defiantly getting to be that time of year cold flu season thankfully it hasn't hit my little man yet. Knock on wood. Except I forgot to knock on wood and now two days after my thought Mr.Owain is sick. Boohoo. Were both lounging in our pajamas watching Dora. Well his snuggled up to me (one nice thing about the sickies) watching Dora while I read a a book I checked out at the Library the other day Take the fight out of Food by: Donna Fish. I really hope this book will give me some new techniques with Mr.Owain's eating habits. For my sanity and for his health. Yesterday I was that mother you who bribed her child  with candy "if you eat all of your breakfast you will get a piece of candy!" He had no problem eating his whole scrambled egg. No problem at all as long as he got a piece of tasty chocolaty reward.I know  this is something I don't want to make a habit out of it but what's a mother to do?

We had a play date schedule for this afternoon, it's canceled now for obvious reason. Tomorrow we had another play date with his best buddy and my good friend. We had plans of being all crafty and making Halloween decorations. I love the Holidays and is really into decorating for it this year. Looks like that will be cancelled too.Double bummer. Hopefully by Saturday Mr.Owain will be feeling better he has his second Saturday of Soccer Tots. I would hate for him to miss it.

Time to get back to snuggling my little man.


snip snip snip
sitting on  Ma-mom's lap
getting my hair did
for the very first time
looking good

"I cute I cute I cute"

Wordless Wednesday

cheep cheep

this little chick
from over the way
Owain went to play with 
one day

Frustrated, I am!

Frustrated with my almost three year old and his eating habits.Some days like today I just want to SCREAM! I lost my patience with him. I hate loosing my patience. If he would just eat like a real boy. I shouldn't have to spoon feed my almost three year old while he is running jumping all over the apartment. Yes, we have meal time at the table a few bites into his food he looses interest (unless it's something sweet like chocolate cake,go figure), jumps down and goes about his business. We have always had issues with Owain and his eating habits. Which is common with children born with CDH (congital diaphragmatic hernia). I know it could be so much worse. Today I am just frustrated. I hate meal time! Today anyways.

Tomorrow is a new day.
A new day for eating.
his bound to eat something, right?

Even with my frustration I am thankful that this is the only issue we are dealing with Mr.Owain.
Thankful tomorrow is a new day with my (skinny) healthy little man.

"Not Me!" Mondays

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

Now that I have been trying to make more of an effort with this whole blogging thing I thought I would join in the  "Not me" Monday once again. Feel free to join me and others over at Mckmama''s 

Early last week I may have made a promise to you that I would blog every single day until Christmas. I might of already missed a few days but who's really read's this blog to take notice,anyways.

I haven't fantasied about throwing water balloons off my balcony at my loud mouth" interesting" neighbors at three in the morning. YES they are out in the court yard smoking their nasty cigarettes early early in the mornings parting their life's away. Every day when I walk outside I don't find twenty hundred cigarette butts laying around.I haven't been counting the days until our lease is up and we can move.Only 365 more days to go! Nope not me I love living here in the ghetto.

While my father in law,hubs and Mr.Owain camped out I did not sleep inside my father in law's king size bed in his guess room. I would never choose a bed over a tent. Not me!

I don't have baby envy. I haven't been looking at Mr.Owain's pictures of him when was so new and little and wishing that we could go back to that moment just so I could smell his newborn scent and cuddle with him all day and night.

Every time I see a newborn or a pregnant lady I don't get a little  jealous wondering when it will be our turn. I want our little  family to grow and make Owain a big brother. Nope it's not my clock ticking for baby number two! Not me!

On a rainy day I would never let my two and half year old have complete control of salt,water and a few spices and let him mix them up in the kitchen. I did not have salt and among other things all over the counter and floor it did not tickle me pink to see him having so much fun while making a complete mess.Not me me!

"sneaky" pumpkin pancakes

(Owain last fall at the pumpkin patch)

I am well aware that we still have eleven days until Autumn with that being said it's never to early for pumpkins. I love love love anything pumpkin. Pumpkin pie a fall must have, pumpkin latte,pumpkin muffins, pumpkin pancakes. Who doesn't love pumpkin? and if you happen to be one of those few who don't well sorry for you this post is all about my all time fall favorite "sneaky" pumpkin pancakes.

You will need:

1 cup canned pumpkin
3 cups water
1/4 cup firmly packed brown sugar
1 tsp. ground cinnamon
1 tsp. ground nutmeg
4 cups of pancake mix (I use bisquick)
and of course the sneaky ingredient  1/4 to 1/2 cup purree carrots and sweet potato. Your child will never know that these delicious pumpkin pancakes have vegetables in them!

In a larger bowl, mix together pumpkin,sneaky ingredient, water,brown sugar,cinnamon and nutmeg until well blended. Add the pancake mix and stir until well combined (batter should still be slightly lumpy).

Heat a griddle over medium heat. Lightly oil the griddle and pour pancake batter, 1/4 cup at a time,to make 4 inch pancakes. 

I love to make these a head of the time and freeze them. On mornings on the go just pop a pancake or two in the microwave and wallah you have a mouth watering pumpkin goodness first thing in the morning.

Top them with maple syrup and a little bit of whip cream and enjoy!

Say hello Ocean!

hey Mr.O let's go say hello to the Ocean.
back to the sand I go. where I belong.
nice feeling ya for the split second Ocean.
but I got some sand castle stomping to do.
Defiantly Mr.O is our little beach bum.
surfer not so much.

stream of consciousness

Every day I say to myself I will blog. Yes I will. Then night falls little man is tucked into his big boy bed snuggled  under his Thomas blanket. And that's when I get lazy. I put my feet up and watch some mindless reality t.v show. yes I fully admit I like what most people consider crappy t.v. It is crap and highly entertaining. Don't judge. I know I have completely neglected the blog. I have dozens blog post done in my head. Tonight I am making a promise to myself and for you grandparents I, Ma-mom (aka Amber) promise to post not only in my head but on this blog every day until Christmas.If I don't hold to my promise there will be  severe consequence in store for me.Like none of my mother in law's  breakfast casserole Christmas morning. I look forward to her casserole every Christmas. It's amazing and believe me I don't want to be the only one on Christmas morning without Christmas casserole.Maybe one day I will share the recipe with you. Of course I would have to get her permission first.Oh sweet mother in law of mine may I pretty please share your amazing breakfast casserole on this little blog of mine?

Labor day weekend we didn't really have any big plans. So on Saturday we ventured to the beach. It was little man's idea. He loves the beach. I think he would be ok with living  on the beach..He really hearts the beach.Being a beach bum wouldn't be so bad. If we lived near a warm beach. Beaches here in Oregon during the fall,winter,spring can be very cold windy and down right miserable. Saturday  was a perfect day at the beach with my two favorite men. I feel so blessed. A blessed wife and Ma-mom. I love my little family.I most defiantly won the lottery in life.More about our beach day coming soon. I promise!
Hubs is still really loving his new job and I am adjusting to living on the other side of the river. Actually tonight hubs is hanging out on our old stopping grounds with the boys (buddies since high school) maybe that's why I am finally blogging. No distractions. Little man was disappointed that Dada wasn't home to read him a bed time story. After a story of this little chick on speaker phone brought a huge grin and laughter to my little man. Filled my heart full of joy. I love my little family.Hubs deserves to have a night out. His been working hard for us. I am thankful for all of his hard work. Thanks babe for making it possible for me to live my dream. Being a stay at home mom. I love love love  my job. I made a new friend. Her oldest is Owain's age and they hit it off. She's defiantly future wife material.Not my friend that would be weird. but Owain's friend (her daughter).Is my rambling making any since? Moving on,  I reconnected with an old friend. It's been wonderful to have her back into my life. It turns out we only live five minutes from each other.Which is Awesome. She use to live on the other side of the river too.  Watching our boy's play together again brings me happiness. I rode the city bus with my little man today. He loves the city bus almost as much as the beach.Almost. We checked out the new library (to us) for story time. I didn't get lost this time. Last week I got so turned around we were twenty minutes late for story time. It turned out we were a week early. I love our new library.Story time is defiantly back on the weekly calender.
Owain made his first pine cone,peanut butter, bird seed feeder today. He got a little teary eyed when I told him when it stops raining we can hang it up in a tree so the birds can eat the seeds. "no Ma-mom, no"I love it when he calls me Ma-mom.It melts my heart. Every morning I have been waking to men walking and banging,drilling on my roof top. Yes my roof. Our apartment building is so lucky to be getting a new roof. I will be glad when their finished. I guess being on the third floor does have it's down side. Owain has been digging having a dump truck parked right outside every morning all day.It will be missed when they finally finish. The banging and the drilling won't be missed. Our poor cats don't know what to think of all the noise.

good night all, I will be back tomorrow. I PROMISE!