Happy Birthday!

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My little man,
Today you turn two! I can hardly believe how fast the last two years  flew by. It seems like yesterday you were fighting for your life in the NICU yet it seems  forever ago. Looking at you today no one would ever no you have had three surgeries and spent a total of seven weeks in the hospital(except for your cool warrior scars). You are a happy healthy energetic toddler.Your daddy and I are very fortunate to have you for a son. We hit the jack pot the day you were born. We love you so much and enjoy every single second of every single day we have with you. It seems like you are learning something new every day. You are talking up a storm.Just the other day while driving in the car you said "dada drive fast,sun" the sun was in your eyes so you wanted dada to drive fast. You are daddy's little back seat driver. When ever the light turns green you say "greeeeen gooooo!" and when the light is red you say "red stooop!"You love to play the key board and dance. You have some great dance moves. You are absolutely in love with trains and any thing that goes. You love garbage day and request to watch the "trash". Your three surgeries and long hospital stay hasn't held you back developmentally.We love you to the moon and back! Happy Birthday our BIG two year old!
mommy and daddy

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a success

My dad's surgery was a success. There is even talk of maybe him being able to go home tomorrow! Thank you for keeping my dad in your thoughts and prayers.While in my home town of Eugene We visited with Aunts,Uncles,grandma's,grandpa's,friends from high school.Ate way to much fast food.Skipped my morning shower.Saw the most beautiful rainbow.Gave lots of hugs. Received lots of hugs.Just for fun rode every single elevator in the hospital a bazillion times.Picked up my step mom's  old broken down computer so my computer savvy husband can bring it back to life again.Ate at our favorite Mexican restaurant Burrito Boy.Their chicken tacos are the bomb. Got a little freaked out by my friend's daughter baby alive doll. Watched our little man play with his big cousin Isaiah (his five).Melt my heart. Had a restful night of sleep.Drove a little over 200 miles.Took a cat nap on the drive home. No need to worry my husband is the driver in our family. It sure feels good to be home and know my dad is in recovery nicely. Only time will tell if this surgery will be the answer to the chronic back pain he has lived with most of his life.I'm tired it's time to call it a night, Good night.Thanks for listening.


While my dad is in surgery.
I thought I would share this....

adorable.I know.
and yes that is a clothes pin in his hair.
adorable and fashionable.
That is my little man!

Blog Block and Anxious

I guess you could say I have a bad case of blog block. It's not  that I have nothing new to share. New pictures of our little man to show off. I just have had a really bad case of blog block. I have tempted to post several times. Now I have several unfinished post. Maybe one day I will finish those post but not tonight. My goal tonight is to simple finish this post. I have been a lazy blogger. My three followers I apologize.

Tonight I am feeling anxious.Early tomorrow morning we will be loading up the car and hitting the road to my home town Eugene. Thankfully the drive is short. Only two hours.Not bad. Normally I look forward to trips home.This time I am feeling anxious. You see my dad will be having surgery. I can't help but feel anxious when I know that my one and only dad will be under the knife.It's scary when you think of everything that could possible go wrong. I have been praying all week that his surgery will go smoothly with absolutely no complications and that this surgery will relieve my dad of the constant pain he has been in.

Knowing that tomorrow we will be spending the day at the hospital on pins and needles waiting to hear from the Doctors,waiting to see my dad in recovery. Reminds me of the last three times we spent the day waiting while our little man was under the knife. This time we will have him to distract us.I am thankful for that.

oops...meant to post this six days before Christmas...me bad!

 With only six days tell Christmas.I am kinda in a panic. I should have most of my Christmas shopping done.Right?You would think if I was smart it would have been done months ago before every shopping center is packed with last minute shoppers like myself.

Just thinking about having to brace the crowds tomorrow to find the perfect gift with only five days until Christmas well I am starting to panic! Oh where is my personal shopper when I need them? I only have maybe 60% of my shopping done. This is the last weekend to get it all done.Yikes!

At least I have some of the wrapping done on 40% the gifts I have already purchased/hand made.Thanks to my little Elf....he is such a helpful little Elf!

Update: We had an amazing Christmas (pictures coming soon before Easter..promise)Their was really no need for me to panic everything came together nicely. Looking forward to 2010 Christmas but kinda glad we still have 353 days to go. It's nice to get back to the swing of normal everyday life. Love the holidays but it can be kinda exhausting....I am still recovering.