12 Month Well Visit

Yesterday daddy took Owain to his 12 month well visit. He got four shots!! They didn't really seem to affect him much through out the day.We did give him Tylenol partly because of the shots and he is teething! He now has two front teeth! Woohoo!

His Doctor is very pleased with his growth and weight.He still is little for his age he weighs 16lbs 12oz but he is putting on weight and hasn't lost any since his surgeries back in November. His head went from the 75th percentile to the 80th!

So everything is looking good now that he started walking. Yes every since his birthday he decided he is big enough,old enough to walk! He prefers to walk over crawling now! It is so cute watching him waddle all over the place. Anyways his physical therapist hasn't seen him in months because he is doing so well developmentally. She told us to bring him back when he starts walking so we will make an appointment for that soon and I have a feeling he most likely won't need to go back. He is right on track developmentally! I am so proud of our little man!

The only thing that I wish he would start doing is sleeping through the night!!!

Friday Foto Fiesta!

This is Owain with his beloved Care bear that his Grandma Outrageous gave him after his last two surgeries back in November.I snapped this shot of him last week hugging his care bear and naturally being his mother I thought it was adorable.

This next picture is even more adorable! I know! I know! how could it get more adorable?
Pretty adorable right?

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Unless maybe you are afraid that you will never find a picture that comes even close to being adorable like the one of my little man.

I know I know I am a little (a lot) bias. I am aloud to be I am his mother!!

Happy Friday Foto Fiesta!!

Snow! Again!!

It snowed on Owain's birthday (this past Sunday) luckily it wasn't very much so it melted quickly. I like the snow but quite frankly I am sick of it!!! When I looked out the window this morning this is what I saw....
Yup more snow!!!Yippee for us! Not! So we (myself,Owain and big cuz)got all bundled up and went on a little snow walk.
I love this pic of the boys together. Owain looks up to his big cuz and big cuz is so good with him.

MMMmmm Birthday Cake!

Happy Birthday to you happy birthday to Owain! Happy Birthday to you!!!!!

Not Me! Monday

I love Monday's Why you ask? Well because this is when I get to be brutally honest about everything I did not do this past week. Head on over to Mckmama's to read some more brutallly honest Not Me! Mondays.

Earlier last week I did not make a cake and I most certainly did not eat half of it before tossing it into the garbage. See I would never do that because I do not have a sweet tooth.If I did have a sweet tooth I would probably have my husband pick up a box of graham crackers so I could polish off of what was left of the frosting. So it is a good thing that I do not have a sweet tooth. Another thing if I did have a sweet tooth I most likely would be eating a skor bar as I type this. It's a good thing I hate anything that has sugar in it!

My little baby did not turn one yesterday! He is still my little baby and not my toddler!

I did not plan on having a relaxing evening Sunday night after the birthday party we did not have because if I was planning on having a quiet evening I would not volunteer to watch my four year nephew(who I love and adore) for a week!

I never feel sleep deprived because my one year old never wakes up several times during the night. Nope not my baby!

I did not break every single rule when it comes to "eating healthy" and I haven't avoided the scale at all!Nope Not Me!

I am thrilled that Mckmama gets to go on a Cruise with her prince and Mckmiracle and I am not disappointed that she won't have time to blog because I am not addicted to her blog or another blog!

One Year ago today!

When I take a look at Owain today and see this young toddler vibrant and full of life. Eager to learn and curious about the world around him. I thank god! Thank you for giving Owain the strength to beat CDH. Thank You for giving us the last 365 days with our little warrior. We treasure each and every day we have. Even the sleepless nights :-) Thank You for this miracle of life our son Owain!
This was Owain one year ago today....
It is amazing how much of a difference a year can make.
Thank You God!
Thank You God!

Happy Birthday!!!!

Dear Owain,

Today when the clock strikes 2:32 pm who will official be one years old!Where did the year go? I can hardly be believe that you are one years old now!! You are no longer my little newborn you are now my big boy toddler.Time sure fly's when your having fun!

You are very busy these days speed crawling everywhere and exploring the world around you. A few weeks ago you started walking but you still prefer to crawl.Right now your favorite book is Go Dog Go! You love this book I probably read it to you at least a dozen times in one day and when daddy is home he reads it to you too! You even started saying "Go dog go!" It is so unbelievably cute!I love you so much my little man. You bring me so much joy! I love watching you discover new things like last night you tried a piece of pineapple for the first time and made a sour face and quickly spit it out. You weren't really into it just like your momma!

This past year has been the best year of my life. I love being a momma! Especially your momma! Your daddy and I hit the jack pot the day you were born.We couldn't ask for better son. I thank god every day that we have to see your smile,hear your laugh and watch you grow and learn.You are an amazing gift!! I am looking forward to the next year and the next year after that and so on...to watch you grow from a toddler to a little boy to a young man.

I am so proud of you!
Love you!
Hugs and kisses!

Thanks A Million Uncle Aaron!

Today Owain got some more birthday Mail from his Uncle Aaron (also his godfather:-). The cutest little frog card with more cash Owain has ever had that is going straight to his college fund!
Thank you so much Uncle Aaron for thinking of my Education. I am already putting in some applications for some of my favorite colleges. Right now on top of my list is Berkley,OHSU (my daddy went there) oh and I am even considering Pacific University where you went to school Uncle Aaron:-)I have another eighteen years to make my decision.
Love you! Miss You!

What's this? Another Birthday Surpise?

Yesterday after nap time Owain woke up to yet another early birthday surprise!Sherry (Aunt Erin's mommy) sent him the cutest out fit! Thank you so much Sherry!!!
Yes those are little bear ears on his hood!! How adorable is that?or am I just a little bias?
Are you surprised to be seeing Owain on his walking,pushing,riding,storage under the seat,cool buttons train!It's the hottest toy in da'house!!

Thanks again Aunt Erin and Sherry! Owain is working on a little something for the both of you.If all goes well (meaning I don't procrastinate getting it in the mail)your surprise should be in the mail sometime next week.

Love You All!

Knock Knock Who's There?

On Wednesday their was a knock at the door knock knock.

I thought who could it be? Still in my pjs.Why get dressed when I am just going to get puked on,pooped on or be the boy's giant walking tissue! Oh the joys of being a mom and caregiver!I really do love it. :-)

Owain was happily in his high chair having a little snack (mmm..yogurt bites) and I had a very solid Cian in my arms (Owain's best buddy) when I peeked through the peep hole and saw a fairly large man built like a teddy bear wearing all brown and he had a fairly large brown package. Any guesses who is at the door?

If you guessed UPS man your absolutely right! I know you must be jumping up and down in excitement that you were able to guess with my tricky description. I was trying to stump you!Your to clever! :-)

I attempted to sign for the package (with the help of Cian thanks little (big) man) as soon as Owain saw this big brown package his eyes got wide and he immediately started "babbling" he wanted out of his high chair. It's like he new that this package was addressed to him.Of course he knew he can read! :-) He is a one year old genius after all!

Any guess what was in the big brown box??

Well it was only the coolest thing every! Something every little boy who is about to turn one dreams about!
A walking,pushing,riding,storage under the seat,cool buttons train!
Thanks Aunt Erin! for the birthday train! (my best friend and Owain's god mother). Owain loves his new train! He has played with it every chance he gets.It's one of the first thing he looks for in the morning.

Friday Foto Fiesta!

I apologize for the darkness of this picture. Despite the darkness this picture captures the best moment of my life. A day I will never forget. January 25,2008 our little man Owain Douglas was born via c-section and begin his fight against CDH. I didn't get to meet our little man until hours later when they (Nurses) wheeled me in to the NICU hours after his birth.
I will never forget that moment when I reached out to touch his little hand he grasped it so tight!I know that it is a natural reflex in newborns but I like to think he new I was his momma!

I can't believe that in two days it will be a year since our little man begin his fight. I feel incredible blessed each and every day we have with our little man. He brings so much joy!
This is my first time participating in Candid Carrie's Friday Foto Fiesta. It looked like fun!Don't be shy check out her blog and see some more Friday Foto Fiesta! I promise you won't regret it!

Wordless Wednesday

What do you get when you 30-40 Mile winds for three days?

Well if you read my Not Me! Monday post you probally remember this picture...
Yup that is a tree in our parking spot and the wood pile is part of a sun roof!!!

This next picture in one of our buildings! Not looking so good...
I liked how this next picture turned out it is a picture of Eric trying to take a picture of what you see in the top picture but then the wind got in the way and his hat blew off so in the middle of the picture he saved his hat and this is what he captured in the process...
I really liked how it turned out. As you can see the sky is beautiful besides the horrible winds the sky has been pretty and dry.Which has been kinda disappointing normally on a day like this I would take Owain for a walk minus the 30-40 Ml hour winds!!!

More parts of another sunroof...down in a million pieces!
The next picture is a doozie.
What you are looking at is one pf our parking garages!!

Needless to say thanks to the winds the building we are leasing are falling apart!!!!

Date Night!!

The other night Owain went off to Grandma P's for a sleepover (by grandma's request :-)He loves all of his Grandma's (he has three plus two great grandmas) So when ever he gets a chance to be spoiled by a Grandma. He hams it up! I don't even think he misses mom or dad when he is with Grandma!
Daddy and I decided to go out to a nice quiet dinner at Gustave's (I am not sure if I spelled that right?) We had so yummy German cuisine. It was heavenly! We both left feeling very full!

Daddy with his beer

Her is a picture that daddy took while I was being silly!This was my favorite pic of the night. A little dark but I like how it turned out.
The following morning we could not wait to pick up our little man! Even though it is nice to have a night out I was missing him like crazy!

How could you not miss this face?

Not Me! Monday

Wow! This week as flown by I can't believe it is already time for another brutally honest Not Me! Monday! Seriously were has the week gone?

Thursday night while watching T.V I did not sit their thinking about how badly I wanted to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Just so I could eat the cookie dough :-). During the commercial I did not walk into the kitchen grab the bag of chocolate chips read the recipe on the back to make sure I had everything. I had everything :-) Then I thought to myself do I really need cookie dough? This next step I was really proud of myself i told myself no and walked away! Cookie dough isn't really going to help me fit into a bikini this summer.

My almost one year old (holy cow in a week!!) still does not sleep through the night! The other night he did not wake up every hour and when four am rolled around he decide it was play time!Later in the day I did not take a three hour nap!! and I really don't think if I was given the opportunity to sleep for a week I don't think I would. I think I would just wake up every hour on the hour because who really needs sleep?

I did not let out a girlish scream when I realized I washed my new cashmere sweater!!!!

I would never move to a City where we get crazy winds. Nope not me! I am talking crazy 30-40 mph winds! and it certainly hasn't been crazy wind for three days straight! and the building I am living in is not falling apart because of the crazy winds.

Leaving Albertson's as I was helping load up the car with groceries. Crazy wind did not come by and before I even had time to blink my hat flew to the next city over.Seriously I am not kidding my hat was long gone. No where to be seen!

When I woke up this morning and looked out my front window I did not see this....
This is not a tree laying in our parking spot and that wood pile is not part of the roof. Nope not our building!

Earlier today when I went to check on our little man while he was taking a nap. I did not see the cutest sleeping boy ever....Nope I am not bias at all!
I did not just have this conversation with my husband

me "honey when we go to Coabo this summer I am going to look hot for you in a swim suit!"hence I am not on a diet but trying to eat healthy to loose a few pounds.

hubby "that would be nice!"

I chuckled "what I don't look hot now?!"

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Is anybody else not totally addicted to Mckmama's blog?

Momma's Little Helper

The other day Owain and I were on a mission (well I was on a mission he was along for the ride) to find the perfect toy box/toy organizer. Our first stop was Target and it was a succuss! We didn't have to make any other stops because we found the perfect toy organizer!!!

Once we got home now it was our job to put it all together....
Hey this is a pretty cool stick!!! It's bigger than me!!!
Maybe it goes in here?
Checking out my new puzzles that are now nice and organized in my new toy organizer!
And now the finished product....
I think I was a little more excited than Owain to have all his toys organized but he did have fun helping me put it all together. I couldn't ask for a better helper!!!

Random Picture

It's Saturday and that means 4 little men and 2 girly twins are having another random photo contest. This Saturday the lucky month was January and the lucky number was 8. This was my picture....

Owain playing with one of his many Christmas toys from Grandma and Grandpa M. They really spoiled him this year! Thanks again Grandma and Grandpa M! This V tech toy is a huge hit he loves it!!! oh and he sleeps with his tiger every night. :-)

Are you guys surprised that once again my random picture was of my little man? I only probably have a billion pictures of him.If you want to see last Saturdays random picture go here.

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Wordless Wednesday

Coffee,Latte,Espresso anyone?

Owain has been seriously considering career options. Lately he has been showing interest in being a barista. Last night I let him play with our old coffee maker before we dropped it off at good will. He spent a good thirty minutes making mommy coffee.