What's a little puke?

This evening right before Owain's bedtime I was feeding him his usual bed time bottle. I made a 4oz. bottle and put 1oz in another bottle with his second dose of penicillin of the day(for those of you unaware because Owain lost his spleen during surgery he has to have penicillin twice a day for anywhere to two to five years). He hates the taste of it.Can you blame him? so we found it to be easier to mix it with his formula. Anyways he drank all four ounces in ten minutes! Now if you know our little man he likes to snack when it comes to his bottle. Sometimes it takes an hour for him to drink four ounces. Now solid food is a different story he has no problems eating that in ten minutes. After gulping his bottles he acting like he was still hungry. So I made him another 20z. It doesn't sound like much but for him if he can drink 2 more thats huge! He gulped that bottle down like the first. I was so excited I couldn't believe he drank 6oz at one feeding! I was thinking to myself this is great. After all we really want Owain to pack on some more pounds. So he can get out of the one percentile for weight.

After he was finished I put him up on my shoulder to burp him. He was a little fussy. I figured he was fussy because he was tired and he had three shots today(I forgot to mention that twenty minutes before I gave him his bottles I gave him some Tylenol because he seemed he was in a little bit of pain from the shots.)

He burped as he continued to cry and rub his eyes. Then he made the face I know real well and then within seconds of making his pukey face he puked all over me. Not just a little bit of puke. We both were covered with vomit. My poor baby no wonder he was fussy his tummy didn't feel good. He puked a few more times on mommy. When he was finished I carried him and held my dress up so most of the puke would stay on my dress and walked to the bathroom as puke dripped all over the carpet!

I decided their was no point in just to give Owain a bath(this will be his second bath of the day). I was going to need one too. So I took our dripping wet with puke clothes off and hopped into the shower with Owain. This was Owain's first shower. I think he enjoyed it. He didn't fuss he just watched the water. By the time we were done getting clean. Owain was back to his usual self and smiling and laughing.

I don't know what made him throw up like that. I don't know if it was because he had Tylenol before his bottle and his penicillin or if he just had way to much formula in his little tummy. I am starting to wonder if maybe if his tummy is underdeveloped. after all he was born with his tummy in his chest. That would explain why he only takes in small amounts of formula at a time. That is a question I will be asking Dr.Zigman his surgeon during our appointment this Thursday.

Six month well visit

Today Owain had his six month well visit with Dr.H. He wasn't to happy when Dr.H was examining him. The whole time he was screaming looking at his daddy "why don't you help me!" This was before the nurse gave him his three shots. I felt so bad for the little guy if he was this upset just because Dr.H was looking in his ears and listening to his heart. How was he going to react when the nurse pokes him three times in the leg. Needless to say he wasn't to happy when he got the shots,who would be? As soon as daddy picked him he calmed right down.

Dr.H was happy with his development. He is doing everything a six month old should be. He is rolling over from front to back. Sitting up with help. Reaching for objects (toy,soothie or anything he can reach). He is moving one object from one hand to another.

Her only concern was his weight(not a big concern). He weighs 12lbs 7.5 oz. Since his four month check up he has only put on 2.5lbs. So he is still in the one percentile for his weight. Dr.H would like us to bring Owain back for a weight check in six weeks and if he still in the one percentile we might up his formula intake. Right now he is on a 24 cal. We new Owain is little for his age he is just now out growing his three month clothes. The good news is he hasn't lost any weight since we brought him home from the NICU. In the next few eeks I am going to try and fatten that boy up!

Dr.H say that she would really start to worry if Owain's head was in the one percentile. Well we don't have to worry about that his head is in the 75 percentile. So that is really good our boy as a big head. I already new this because he out grows his hats way before his clothes.

On our way home,not even five minutes from the Doctors Owain passed out in the car holding onto his foot. He was tuckered out. It's not easy being a six month old.

Daddy's on his way home!

Owain and I can hardly wait daddy is on his way home from his camping trip with the guys.Woohoo! It's only been a couple of days but we really miss him. You know what that means more daddy kisses for Mr. Owain.

When daddy gets here we are going over to Grandma Payette's for a nice dinner with Uncle Aaron. It will be nice to have some family time. I will update on our evening later tonight,maybe tomorrow. Have a good day!

Happy six month birthday!

I am a little late with this post. I wanted to post this yesterday but we had such a busy day there was no time. Yesterday was a big day for Owain it was his six month birthday. Woohoo! I can't believe our little warrior is already a half year old. Time really goes by when your having fun and sleepless nights.

We celebrated by having some family time before daddy left to go on his big camping trip with all the boy's. It was his buddy Ben's bachelor party. Should be a fun and crazy weekend with the guys.

Owain spent the morning playing super baby with daddy and playing with his new piano while daddy was giving him daddy kisses! Oh no not daddy kisses! It is so funny whenever Owain gets daddy kisses he laughs like crazy! I think daddy's whisker tickle. It's really cute. He loves his daddy. We can't wait until tomorrow when daddy is back. We miss him!

Later in the day my good friend Megan and Whitney came over for dinner. Oh and I can't forget Owain's best buddy Cian (Megan's son, he is adorable!). I wanted to get some pictures of the boy's together again. Both of them were kinda tired and cranky so maybe next time. Megan had to leave shortly after dinner because Cian ready to be home. Even with both boy's being cranky we still had a nice time.

Sophia Miller

Sophia is in surgery right now. It got changed to today. Please continue to pray for Sophia and her family.Thank you

Another CDH bay needs your prayers

Sophia was born in March and spent eighty one days in the NICU,several of those days she was on ECMO. I just got done reading her blog and she has rehernation . She is probably in surgery has I am typing this. Please pray for Super Sophie and her family.

Since bringing Owain home rehernation is one of my biggest concerns. His surgeon tried to make me feel a little less concerned by informing me that their is only a 15% chance that Owain will rehernate . I still worry about it everyday and I have known four babies that have rehernated. Some more than once.

Please pray for Sophia that her repair will go smoothly and she will be able to recover and return home with her mommy and daddy were she belongs. Check out Sophia's Blog here.

Thank you

Play Date

Today Owain had a play date with his little buddy Cian. Aren't they cute?

A Star in the Face of the Sky

I am sad to to say that another baby lost his battle with CDH. Sweet little Daniel Bradley was born December 14,2007 and passed away July 17,2008.

It absolutely breaks my heart when I here about another baby loosing the fight. It goes to show how serious and deadly Congital Diaphragmatic Hernia is.

I feel incredible blessed that we have Owain's health. It makes me question why? Why some survive and others don't? It's just not fair.

Please visit Daniel page and leave a comment I am sure they would love to hear from you during this difficult time.

Thank You

I created a monster!

When we first brought Owain home from the hospital at six weeks old he was really easy to get to sleep. I would feed him his bottle he would either fall asleep in my arms and I would lay him in his crib and he would stay asleep until his next feeding in three hours. Sometime he would still be awake. If that was the case I would turn on his light show and he would fall asleep on his own within a few minutes. Piece a cake!

Well within the last month I started a really bad habit I always told myself I would never do when I had children. Around 5 am Owain usually wakes up for a feeding. After his feeding he goes right back to sleep. Within the last month I have been bringing Owain into bed with us. I justified it by telling myself it's only for a few hours and I really enjoyed that snuggle time with him. I figured it's ok to spoil him after everything his been through. I still feel like I have a lot of snuggling to make up to him for not be able to be held for the first three weeks of his life. He deserves it, right?

Well the last couple of nights putting Owain to bed as been a complete nightmare! He usually goes to sleep between 7-8 pm. I feed him his bottle,rock him to sleep and lay him in his crib. The second I lay him down he wakes up. So I give him his soothie and the little stinker pulls it out and began to cry . I decided maybe it's time to give him some tough love. I let him cry for ten minutes to see if he would cry him self to sleep( the longest ten minutes ever!) He is so stubborn (I wonder were he got that from?) he never gives up! He knows if he cries long enough mommy will rescue him and sure enough I always do. How can I not I hate listening to him cry like that! As soon as I walk into the room and Owain can see me he immediately stops crying and smiles. That little stinker! He already nows are to work his momma.

Needless to say the last couple of nights it as taken me anywhere from two to three hours to get him to sleep in his bed. I can't keep doing this every night. I look forward to having the evening when Owain is sleeping to eat dinner and have some time for me. Which I don't even know what that is anymore or when I will ever have the time for me? Maybe in eighteen years?

I am thinking I am going to have to put a stop to bringing him into bed with us in the early morning. It saddens me to have to do that. I love snuggling with him. I look forward to the early morning snuggle time. That is the only thing I can think of why he won't sleep in his crib. So early tomorrow morning you won't be seeing Owain in mommy and daddy's bed. So we will have to wait and see how tomorrow night goes. I don't think I can take another three hours to get him to sleep in his bed.

To all mom's out their if you have any suggestions I would love some motherly advice.

Mommy's Glasses

Owain has discovered a new game. He thinks it's real funny when he pulls off my glasses off my face. He attempts this at least once or several times daily and when he does manage to pull my glasses off the first thing he does is try and put them in his mouth. Then he looks up at me and realizes that I look different. Thats when he began to laugh. Apparently mommy looks real funny without her glasses. So then I start to laugh which I am starting to think maybe thats not such a good idea because now he thinks it's this really funny game and I really don't want him to still be pulling off my glasses when his two.

Owain is the fist baby to see me without my glasses and laugh. Babies in the past,for example my nephew Isaiah would cry whenever he would see me without them on. I think Owain is gong to be a little comedian like his daddy. Eric is not a comedian but he is always trying to play practical jokes and he is always making me laugh. Owain is almost six months old and he is already our funny little man. Their is not a day that goes by that he doesn't' make me laugh. Sometimes we both just laugh hysterically together. I love those moments!

Baby Seth lost his fight with CDH

Early this morning between 1:00 -1:30 am baby Seth earned his wings. He fought so hard but was unable to beat CDH. My heart goes out to his parents April, Russell and his family at this very difficult time. I could only imagine the heart ache they must be feeling.

Baby Seth is no longer here on earth but now he is up in heaven pain free playing with his big sister Zoe. Please prey for his parents and family while they get through this very difficult time.

Thank You

It would be wonderful if you could visit Seth's care page and leave a comment for his family.

A day at Grandma's

Today we went over to Grandma Payette's for some good old quality family time. We had a great time, Especially because Uncle Aaron was visiting from Las Vegas. It's been a month since he has seen Owain. He was amazed at how much Owain has changed in a short period of time.

We had a lovely BBQ (thanks daddy and grandma). Daddy was in control of the BBQ and Grandma made her famous Jell-O! The Jell-O is always a huge hit.We love it! Yum..yum.

I put together a slide show of our day. Don't be alarmed the pictures of Owain trying to grab daddy's beer it was empty and I wouldn't let him put his mouth on it. He was really fascinated and determined to grab that shiny bottle! and if I would of let him his mouth would of been all over that beer bottle!

Owain sat in the grass for the first time. He didn't know what to think of it! He was ok sitting for a few minutes before he decided he wasn't having it.

Dinner was pretty comical. We put Owain in his bumbo seat on the table so he could join us (he doesn't like to be left out). He was having a great time watching everyone eat their steak ( I think he was trying to figure out how he was gonna get a piece of steak for himslef) he was drooling and linking his lips. When all of a sudden Owain got real serious,his face turned bright red and he started to grunt. We all new that look! Owain was working on a little something of his own. Grandma told him "sweetie, you are the only one you can get away with pooping at the dinner table" When he was finished with his business daddy picked up to change his diaper (glad it was daddy and not me,thanks daddy!) poop(sweet potato poop) fell out into his booster seat. It was a big mess!

It was great to see you Uncle Aaron (Owain's godfather). See you in about a month. Have a save flight home.

Big Boy Owain

This picture of Owain trying to roll over was taking this past Tuesday. This is what he has been doing for the past couple of months. He would be on his tummy or back and start to roll over half way then he would roll right back. I new he was getting close to rolling over and the suspense was killing me! I couldn't wait for my little man to hit this big milestone.

Finally on Wednesday Owain decided to roll all the way over (he started out on his back) I was so excited I had to call his daddy at work and share the good news! After this huge milestone I wondered when Owain will decid to roll over again. It didn't take long for Owain to realize that he could roll over to reach some of his toys. He rolled over four times on this big day! I am so proud of my baby boy! Way to go Owain you are growing up so fast!

Yummy Sweet Potatoes!

On Monday I introduced Owain to his first vegetable. Yummy sweet potatoes! While sitting in his highchair Owain watched me in the kitchen making his sweet potatoes.yes I made them I found this really cool web site on how to make your own homemade baby food. I found it to be really easy and while making his sweet potatoes the wonderful smell was making me hungry. So I of course had to sample,not bad for baby food. I took this pictures after cleaning him up and I asked him "what did you think of those sweet potatoes?' and this was his reaction. I think we have a winner!

Best Buddies

Last Tuesday Eric and I watched my girlfriend's baby Cean (he is six weeks old) while she had a Dentist appointment. I was thankful that Eric was home when we had both boys. We got a good feel on what it would be like to have twins! Thank god we only have one. Having Cean for a few hours was great but they both were ins ink with each other they both wanted to eat at the same time. While eating they both pooped and later they both peed on their matching shirts. I guess that was their way of saying "get us out of these matching shirts!" I thought they looked adorable!

Owain's first fourth of July

Getting ready to watch Grandma blow bubbles!
Look at all those bubbles!
Looking up to big cousin Isaiah! Don't they
look cute in their matching hats?

I am a little behind on the blog...sorry

As you can see by the pictures Owain had a great fourth of July. We went to Oxbow park with my mom,sister Anna and nephew Isaiah. We had a really nice picnic and Owain enjoyed looking up at the trees and watching big cousin Isaiah play. He really looks up to his big cousin.

Update on Grandpa

Owain was all smiles when we visited his Great Grandpa Jones yesterday in the hospital. Seeing Owain brought a big smile on Great Grandpa's face. Which brought a smile to my face.It was great to see the two of them interact.

The good news is Grandpa looked great during our visit. He was in a little bit of pain but the Doctors say if he still is improving he might be able to go home today! Whoa! I know that will make Grandpa happy he would like to be able to get some real food. Hospital food isn't all that appealing.

I want to thank my Aunt Billijo and Uncle Lonnie for letting us crash at their place for the night. We appreciate the hospitality. Thank You!

I apologize to all my other family members that we weren't able to visit while we were in the area. Eric had to work today so we had to hit the road early this morning.

A prayer for grandpa

We are on our way up to Olympia, Washington to visit my Grandpa (Owain's Great Grandpa). He is in the hospital. I don't know all the details but from what I've heard he is not doing good. So I am asking all the wonderful people that prayed for our little boy please pray for my Grandpa.

Thank You

Rubber Duckie, Your DE One!

I want that rubber duck!
I got it!

I love my rubber duck!

A tribute to baby Skyla

Skyla Manaw Temaipi lost her battle with CDH on 6/13/08. She was eight months old and she put up a good fight and now she is at peace. Her mother Kristy made a lovely tribute video of Skyla's life.

Future Soccer Ball Star!

I love this little out fit Aunt Erin sent Owain.
It is adorable and it's so fitting because Owain's
daddy played soccer growing up and he can't wait
to teach Owain the game. Pluse it's orange daddy's
favorite color. Thanks again Aunt Erin,your the best!