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Lil Blue Boo is one of my favorite new blogs I randomly discovered one day. While I was bored and looking for blogs of interest on the net and I came across Little Boo Blue. I quickly became a follower. She is unbelievable crafty. She inspired me to unpack my only been used once sewing machine. I have it all set up and I plan on sewing something in the near future.If you love sewing or anything crafty check out her blog. I promise you won't regret it!

Right now she is having a give away! A fifty dollar gift card to Lily's Laundry Boutique. I just hopped over to Lily's Laundry Boutique and scoped it out. They have some adorable dresses. They also have some cute boy things too. Go check it out! and enter for a chance to win!!!!

Friday Foto Finish Fiesta

This is one of my favorite photos of our little man that my husband took the other day at the park.I love the blue sky and the trees in the back ground and he looks like he is just hanging there with one arm.He is not.

Head on over to Candid Carrie to see more Friday Foto Fiesta or join in on the fun!

Wordless Wednesday


Blessing for Baby

I read this on my friend Melanie's Face book and I wanted to share this with all of you.....

About two months ago one of my face book friends posted a very distressing status. They found a tumor on her six month old sons liver. She did a great job keeping her friends and family updated via face book. Keep in mind I have not seen or spoken to this woman in nearly twenty years. For some reason this families story touched me. At first I would check up on Tyson every week, then twice a week. As this families story started to unfold I became more concerned. Tyson seemed to be having a rough go of it and his family was still keeping us seemed like any time she could, his mother was posting info. I was amazed that she had the strength to do so, after all, dealing with chemo-treatments and a sick baby who was fighting for his life.
I soon came to realize that the reason I was feeling such a connection to this family was due to my own young children. Tyson's story was reminding me how precious life and my children are. He had become a wake up call for me and His mother was slowly turning into a hero in my eyes. Her courage is conveyed in her posts and updates. I appreciate her honesty and details about Tyson's health. She and her husband seem so dedicated to their friends and family even though they are the ones who need support.
recently I started checking up on Tyson daily. He had some complications during a surgery that left him in a bit of trouble, this was last thursday the 17th. he and his mother where transported to Stanford in case he needed a liver transplant. I learned from a post yesterday that Tyson will need a transplant with in 48-72 hours and they have no donors available. This afternoon I learned that his mother is going to give him half of her liver in hopes that her son will survive. Trust me this little boy, now 8 months has been fighting the whole time. He has endured things that some of us could never imagine. Some times his mom would include in her posts how he would smile, chat to himself or laugh. These are things I know longer take for granted. There is no price to heavy for the life of your child! Tyson is a miracle and his mother is my hero!
I am asking all my friends and especially mama's to send prayers, blessings, energies and positive thought in Tyson's direction...whatever it is that holds your faith...This family needs your support
All you mama's out there for a moment try to put yourself in Tyson's mama's shoes! lets pull are varied religions together to keep a candle burning for Tyson. I can not imagine what it must be like to go through cancer treatments with your 6-8 month old. PLEASE PRAY for this family THANK YOU

Please join me in praying for Tyson,his amazing mommy and their family.
Thank You!
For more updates on Tyson visit here.

back to life...back to reality....

Over the weekend we ventured out to the woods for one last camping trip before  the season changes.
 Watching my little man frolic in the woods brought me great joy.

 Watching the fire burn brought me peace and warmth.
Staying up late to roast marshmellows I would say is my favorite thing about camping.
The burnt ones are by far the best.

 We had a relaxing,stress free weekend.
It was much needed.

 Now that our relaxing stress free weekend came to an end.
It's time to get back to reality... back to life...

I ♥ Faces - Contemplative

I love this picture Eric  took of Owain while we were camping in the woods this past weekend.
And when I saw this weeks photo challenge was Contemplative. I knew that this was the one!
If you have a photo that best fits Contemplative head on over to I heart Faces and enter that perfect photo!

Zoo in July!

Bear with me I am little behind on blog post.
I know it's September and I am now finally getting around with posting pictures of our trip to the Zoo.
We had a beary good time.
With my good friends Nikki and Abe and their three beautiful kids.

Blogging Spirit!

Yeah I am so excited with our new look!

Thanks to my wonderful husband for all his hard work on the new blog!

I love it!

What do you think of the new look?

Hopefully this new blog make over will help me get back into the blogging spirit!

Owain's CDH Journey


Crossing our Fingers

"vvrrmmm vrrrmmmm" Owain happily pushing a dump truck around the waiting room. He was in pure boy heaven. Little did he know we were their for a weight check waiting for the Nurse.

He hates Nurses.

"Owain" the Nurse wearing kid friendly scrubs with elephants on them called out to us in the waiting room. We were the only ones waiting.

I sayed to Owain "It's time to say goodbye to the dump truck"

I swung my black mommy bag over my shoulder and picked Owain up.

"bye bye" Owain waved to the dump truck.

The minute we set foot into the exam room Owain started clinging to me and screaming.

He hates Nurses.

I explained to him "that we are going to see how big he is getting" as I took off his orange shirt.

He continued to scream and tell the nurse "bye bye"

I hate this!

I calmly set my naked little man on the scale as he screams and reaches his arms for me.

I continued to try and comfort Owain by talking to him.

The nurse and I read the scale 18lbs. 15oz.

Not what I was hoping to hear. Six weeks ago Owain weighed 19lbs.3oz.

I know he is tiny for his age but I have been concerned lately with how little he has been eating.

It is so frustrating!

Some days I just want to scream!

Some days I feel like I am failing as a mom because my child won't eat hardly anything at all.

He is nineteen months old and is wearing twelve months clothing.

I begin to express why I am so concerned he is loosing weight. "I am worried that he might of had another recurrence"

"recurrence?" the nurse asked.

I began to explain "Owain was born with left Congital Diaphragmatic Hernia"

"what is CDH" the Nurse asked.


A trained professional! A Nurse! A Pediatric Nurse!

Never heard of CDH!

I begin to explain Owain's CDH history. Slightly annoyed that she never heard of CDH.

"oh I see...his been through a lot, no wonder he doesn't like being here." The nurse replied as she looked on the computer trying to find an available appointment to see Dr. H (Owain's pediatrician).

"The next available appointment is the 15th"

I replied cuddling my little man "two weeks! If he had a recurrence we can't wait two weeks."

The Nurse remembered "oh Dr.H is in today working in her office"

She left the room to feel Dr. H in.

Owain begin to calm down and started to fly his toy airplane in the air.

A few minutes later the Nurse returned and told me "Dr.H wants him to have an xray today."

I was thankful that Dr.H was in the office today. She doesn't usually work Fridays.

Owain and I left with two (one for each hand) monster truck stickers.

He was a happy boy now. Not for long.

We met daddy in the pharmacy where he was re filling Owain's penicillin.

I filled him in.

I was so thankful that daddy was with us on this day.

I really hate having to go in while he gets and xray.

It is heartbreaking.

I waited in the waiting area while daddy and Owain were in the xray room.

I could hear my little man scream.

My heart sank.

Tears begin to run down my cheek as I prayed.

Please god don't let this be a recurrence.

Please don't put my baby through another surgery. Another hospital stay.

As I wiped my tears. My two men walked out of the xray room.

I grabbed Owain and gave him a hug and kiss.

The three of us walked back to see Dr.H with xray's in hand.

We were relieved to see that his xray looks the same as his last one right after his third surgery back in November.

Dr.H spoke with Dr.Z (Owain's surgeon) They both feel that maybe he doesn't want to eat because he is still having acid reflex.

Back in December Owain stopped taking his acid reflex medication.

We walked back to the pharmacy to fill his new/old prescription.

Crossing my fingers and praying to god that this is the answer to our eating frustrations with our little man. No surgery just another icky tasting medication.

Dr.H sent Owain's xray to Dr.Z office so he can take a look at them himself and confirm what we saw that everything is exactly how he left it. We have a follow up with Dr.H the day after labor day. She was able to squeeze us in. :-)

In the mean time we are crossing our fingers.

Hoping that this medication helps with his acid reflex.

And our little man begins to eat!

And plump up!!!