Project Life Tuesday

This post was scheduled to post last Thursday, I guess it's better late than never

I realize it's Thursday  not Tuesday. I figure it's better late than never to post  my Project Life photos. With all  the birthday celebrations, I fell behind. I still can't believe my sweet babe is now three.Seriously where does all the time go? I am more thankful for Project Life than ever. Documenting our day to day life's once this project is complete it will defiantly be one of my save in case a fire items. If you never heard of Project life I highly recommend heading over  to Becky Higgons blog the creator of the fabulous Project Life. What are you waiting for? Do it now! It will change your life.

I don't know how it happened but some how I forgot to  take any pictures Saturday , oops.

Sunday January 16

Owain loves to have us read his Thomas the train engine toy catalog to him. When were not reading to him he reads it to himself pointing while saying "I wanna buy this one,I wanna buy this one" If you look closely he's wearing a Thomas shirt. Our boy loves Thomas. Not just Thomas but pretty much anything that has to do with trains.

Monday January 17

We went to the Zoo with new friends/neighbors. It was a beautiful sunny winter day. A perfect day for a zoo outing. I was able to snap this picture before my camera batter died.Owain holding hands with his friend's Envy and Sammi.

Tuesday January 18
Grandma P stopped by for a visit. We love it whenever she's able to make her way over to our side of town.
Wednesday January 19
Every night when Owain goes to bed. Phoebe come's out from hiding. She loves to clean Eric's hair.
Thursday January 20

Owain and I walked over from our apartment to our friend's apartment for a play date.It's great having friend's live so close.
Friday January 21

Owain was being super silly today pretending to be Bad Kitty. He loves the book Bad Kitty by nick Bruel . He jumped in his build a bear box meowing "me bad kitty"

Oh where, oh where is the birthday boy?

If you were to stop by our place this past Thursday this is what you would see...
Pure Chaos. With five kids,two toddlers and one sweet baby {not seen in this picture}and three lovely momma's this was the scene in my living room  right after we sang a Happy Birthday and ate these bad babies. Not babies literally.Seriously though, those Oreo cup cakes were sinfully delightful. Just what the birthday boy asked for.Speaking of the birthday boy, can you spot him in this picture?
Tonight, well technically it's morning a quarter after midnight
 {good morning all} and  I just finished decorating these...
for O's mini birthday play date tomorrow. Nothing big just a few of us momma's and kiddos. Call me crazy, but I was that momma while making Oreo cup cakes tear up.Yes, like I mentioned earlier I have been a bit emotional. Don't fret they have been happy tears.Tears of joy. Blessed tears. My sweet baby is THREE. The same baby in utero we were  advised to terminate my pregnancy at twenty weeks. Give up on him because he had a  rare and often fatal birth defect CDH.We were told if he did survive his quality of life would be poor.

three years ago

three years later
God, we are blessed. Fortunate we are.The last three years have been an amazing roller coaster ride.All the twist and turns have made us a stronger family. Were grateful and appreciate life. The good, the bad and ugly.


Yesterday, this little man
I have been all emotionally, with my baby turning three. Three years ago, I remembering like it was yesterday being terrified of the unthinkable. Afraid for his life. Four surgery's later.Many Countless sleepless nights. Our CDH warrior is a healthy vibrant little big boy! The big three!We are so thankful to be he's parents.

Wordless Wednesday

{Owain August 2010}

Project Life Tuesday

Saturday, January 9
Third birthday party of the year. O's cousin M turned three!
Sunday, January 10
Daddy finally had the time to unpack his Christmas present. O had a blast playing with the empty box. He kept saying "welcome to my apartment...come on in daddy"
Monday, January 11
Another beautiful dry day and yet again, O would not pose for the camera he wouldn't even hit his base ball until I put my camera safely away in it's case.
Tuesday, January 12
Owain has a love for trains. Today with his wooden blocks he built a track and the top two blocks were the train. I love his creativity and imagination!
Wednesday, January 13
Orange blast. That's the color you end up with when you let your almost three year old pick out the color of nail polish to buy. Today we painted our toes. The color is growing on me.
Thursday, January 14
O had a play date with his buddy's C and J. It's always great when were able to get our boy's together. It's great for us mommy's to.
Friday January 15
Tonight in the bath tub daddy gave O a bubble beard.
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Project Life

New years resolutions, I've given up on them years ago.  That way by mid January when I break down and gulp a Pepsi for breakfast {my only  addiction} or given up on my newest and latest work out routine, only three weeks into it. I don't beat myself up over it. You can't beat yourself up if you don't set any New's Years resolutions. And just for the record two months before the new year I started a new work out routine. I feel heather and stronger. I'm still not strong enough to beat hubs and our almost three year old during our tickle war last night. I heart those boys. Where were we? Oh yes, News Year Resolutions I don't do them any more. This year instead of my usual same old, same old News Year resolution I decided to set one simple goal for myself.  Project Life. I am pumped. If you haven't heard of Project Life check out Becky Higgins blog. She's the lady behind it all. I was able to buy last years Project Life Kit on black Friday for half off. Score! I love a great deal. This year she offers two kits to choose from. They are amazing and I want them both. But first I need to get through this year. All 365 days. 1 photo a day. Capturing our family's life day by day.

Jessica  over at The Mom  Creative hosts Project Life Tuesday. I missed last Tuesdays. I am playing catch up now. Jessica is the one who introduced me to Project Life. I have been a follower of her blog for quite some time now.

Saturday, January 1

Owain's friend Faith turned five we celebrated at Precision Elite Gymnastic. The foam pit was by far a family favorite. O was a little timid at first but once we jumped in he followed. He didn't want to leave.He even flirted with another little girl. If throwing foam cubes isn't away to a girls heart I don't know what is?
Sunday, January 2
Today is Uncle Aaron's birthday.We drove out to Papa's for a visit and much to our surprise. There was snow lots of it. O loved every inch. Later we went out to dinner to celebrate. Followed by bowling. I have some great pictures on my mother in laws camera. I will share those as soon as I get them. I also printed out the bowling scores to put in the album. O being the youngest and his first time bowling he kicked five adults booty's including myself.

Monday, January 3
Weather wise it wasn't wet. We took full advantage of this dry day and O rode his tricycle. As soon as I took my camera out to capture this beautiful moment. Owain yelled "momma momma nooooo take picture meee!"

Tuesday, January 4
We had a pajama day. Sipping hot cocoa playing with his new  Thomas mega blocks.

Wednesday, January 5
I was feeling under the weather. While daddy worked O went to play at his buddy Cian's house {supervised by Cian's mommy Megan}.. I slept. Slinky kitty was so excited and ready to play when daddy and O walked in the door.

Thursday January 6
Owain got mail from his friend Haya. He was so excited! He  lost interest when he opened and discovered a card with a princess.
Friday, January 7
Tonight's dinner we had pizza. A crowd favorite in our house hold.

I don't have a picture for Saturday January 8. Boo. I plan on putting some of the bowling pictures to make up for it. Once I get them off my mother in law's camera.

Stay tuned for some more Project Life. And it's never to late to start Project Life. You can start it any day of the year. That's the beauty of it all, documenting your family's journey through life. I can't wait for the end of the year to have this album to look back on. Rewarding, it will be.

the week before Christmas...

Was magical...
riding the polar express to the North Pole.
Owain mesmerized with the company of the friendly conductor.
He happily punched an O for Owain on his ticket.
A month later O still sleeps with that very ticket.
Once the train approached the North Pole all the boy's and girls were giddy
with the mere sighting of yours truly...
"Really, Santa for me?"
Thanks Santa!
and thank you grandma P for a planning this Magical day.