Target here we come!

The other day we were on a mission and that was to buy our little man some socks. He has officially out grown all of his socks. So off to Target we go. Well we ended up buying a lot more than just socks. Easy to do at Target. I love Target! I could spend all day shopping their. Well we didn't spend all day their but we ended up walking out seventy dollars poorer but we got lots of really cool stuff that we absolutely couldn't live without.

First day on the job

So I started my new job today. I am a little disappointed that nobody made any guesses. Well if you know me personally you could probally guess that it has to do with working with children. since that is what I love to do and I am thrilled to be caring for this little man Cian. Here is Owain and Cian playing together today.
Owain patting Cian. So far he has been pretty gentle.
Can you guess which one is older?

Not Me Monday!

So I am posting a little early because I am going back to work tomorrow! It's been nine months since I have had my very one pay check. It will be kinda nice and the best part is I don't even have to leave my house! Any guesses to what my new job is?

One of my favorite blogs I am obsessed with reading is My Charming Kids. Mckmama is hilarious and she has three beautiful children and one due to arrive in a month. His name is Stellan and he is a miracle in the making. Anyways Mckmama started Not me Mondays this last Monday and I missed that one due to the flu but I thought it would be fun to join in this Monday. So here it goes a day early.....

I absolutely did not let my eight month old try a taste of my vanilla ice cream and if I did let him have a teeny tiny taste he would of hated it!

I did not wear the same outfit two days in a row. Not me. I would never be caught wearing the same outfit in a row. Who do you think I am? a total slob!

My son had his first sleep over at grandma's and I didn't miss him one bit. Nope not me. I didn't even look at his picture once or had daddy call to check in on him, Why would I do that?

I would never do seven loads of laundry and just pile all the clean clothes on my bed.

My husband did not have to make a trip to the junk yard to find spare parts for our car that is not falling apart. not our car! It's not a piece of s***t and it has never been stolen. Certainly not three times in two years.

My little man

My little man,

Last night was another first for you and me. You spent the night at your Grandma P's house while daddy and I went out with friends. Oh how I missed you terribly. All night I kept thinking about you. I couldn't wait until morning when I would get to see your smile and give you lots of mommy kisses and hugs. Their was a couple of times I even pulled out my cell phone and looked at your picture.

First thing this morning I jumped out of bed woke daddy and we hurried to grandma's house. I knew you were fine enjoying your time with your grandma but I didn't want to go another minute without. I missed you!

When we arrived at grandma's you were enjoying a yummy bottle. I couldn't wait for you to finish your bottle I had to hold you right then and their. Grandma told us how much fun the two of you had and what a good boy you were. Daddy and are so blessed to have such a wonderful little man for a son.

I love you

Hugs and Kisses


Ella needs our prayers!

Please keep baby Ella and her family in your prayers. She was readmitted about a month ago after having yet another surgery and having an up and down recovery. They were hoping that Ella would be strong enough to go home yesterday. Instead her ECHO did not look good so they moved her to the PICU until she is ready for yet another surgery. Poor baby she has been through so much please pray that her next surgery goes well and she will have a fast and speedy recovery so she can go home. More details on sweet little Ella go here.

Happy 8 month birthday!

My Sweet little warrior today you are now eight months old! You are getting so big. Above is a picture of you standing holding onto the back of the couch. It's amazing how much you have grown just in the last month. You are now officially mobile. Your not quite crawling yet but you scoot and roll all over the place. I think you are getting close to figure out that you can put your knees to good use. Yesterday you got up on all fours and started rocking back and fourth. Thats the next step to crawling. Your daddy and I are so proud of you! You are sitting up all by yourself. You have really great balance. Just within this past week you are now sleeping twelve hours at night and only waking up once for a late night snack. Going to bed is no problem for you. You are such a big boy now you fall asleep all by yourself! We are still anticipating your first tooth. I am thinking any week now. We will have to celebrate when that first tooth finally comes through. Even though you are teething you are still my little happy guy and you are so much fun to play with. You have two favorite games that you enjoy. You love to play "get the couch". In the above picture that is what you are playing. Mommy and daddy will say "get the couch" and you get real excited and start jumping up and down while you are hitting the couch. You think this is so funny. I had know idea that the couch could be so entertaining. Your other favorite game is "I am going to get you" whenever we say this you start cooing and laughing and then you quickly roll,scoot and try to get away before we get you. It is to cute you bust up laughing as well as mommy and daddy. I love it when we have our laugh attacks where we just laugh and laugh. You brighten up my day and I am looking forward to seeing what the future has in store for you my love.



P.S to celebrate you eight month birthday we are going to have a little play date with your best buddy Cian!

Knock on wood

When we went to pick up Owain from his Grandpa P's this past Sunday. I was hoping he would show some sign of missing his mommy and daddy. After all he spent five hours without us. I thought for sure he would be excited to see us. Nope He was having way to much with his grandpa. I don't think he even cared if he went home with us. I was a little sadden by this after all only being away form him for two hours I was already missing him like crazy and couldn't wait to hug him and give him a whole bunch of mommy kisses. At the same time it is nice that we can leave him for a few hours without him crying the whole time. Grandpa said "Owain is a good little boy" Thats our perfect little angel! Grandpa is already asking when he can babysit again?

Needless to say we had a good productive weekend. Up until late Sunday early Monday whatever you want to call it. I ended up catching a nasty stomach bug and felt absolutely miserable. Lucky daddy was able to take Monday off from work to take care of Owain and myself (I am a big baby when I am sick). I was hoping maybe it was something I ate that was making me feel so ill. The last thing I wanted to do is pass it on to our little man while he is still fighting that nasty cold him and daddy caught last week.

Knock on wood

So far so good Owain hasn't caught that nasty stomach bug. By Tuesday I was feeling almost 100% back to my normal healthy self. Woohoo! Daddy went back to work and Owain and I played all day. I had a lot of catching up to do we didn't play at all on Monday. I was trying to stay clear from him I really didn't want him to get sick again!

Knock on wood

Last night was not a good night for daddy he ended up catching that nasty stomach bug. I think it hit him ten times harder than me. I feel awful I hate seeing him sick. This is man that is rarely sick and within the last two weeks he has been so sick he had to call into work twice. Three time if you count Monday when he called in to help me out.

I am praying that this bug doesn't hit Owain. He is still fighting off his cold and the last thing he needs is to be sick again. I am still struggling to get him to eat because of his cold and I am concerned that he has lost more weight. We will see Friday when we take him in for another weight check.

Knock on wood.

On our way to Grandpa P's

Today Owain gets to visit with his Grandpa P and his friend Kathy while mommy and daddy try and run some errands and get somethings done around the house. Hopefully today will be a productive day with out our little warrior. It's so easy to skip any house work when his home. I would much rather play than clean.

Update: on our Friday

Yesterday was a busy and long day. We took Owain to see A Nurse practitioner because he has been fighting a cold since Monday. I wanted to have his lungs listened too and his left ear looked at because he has been pulling on it before the weekend just in case his cold might be turning into something more serious. The Nurse took a good look at his ears,after pulling a ton of ear wax (I was amazed at how much wax came out of such a little ear)she was able to get a good look and they looked. I was relieved that he didn't have an ear infection. His lungs sounded good. So he is just fighting his first cold and it doesn't seem to be affecting him much. Besides his cough and runny nose it doesn't seem to be affecting him much he is happy as can be. We also had him weighed I am disappointed he has lost 3oz. It's not much for him it's huge. He is already so little for his age. He now weighs a little under fourteen pounds. The Nurse didn't seem to concerned,but I am. I want my boy to fatten up! He is so long and skinny. People easily mistake him for a four month old and he is almost eight months. I think I am going to see if we can up his formula intake. He is already on 25cal. Will see what his Doctor recommends. I know he has been eating less because of his cold. Hopefully once his cold is gone he will have a better appetite.

After Owain's appointment daddy went off to work and Owain and I had a play date at my good friend Megan's house. Her son Cian is only four months younger than Owain and he is adorable! It is really cute to watch the boy's interact with each other. Our friend Katie also came over with her newborn Jacob. He is only three weeks old and so cute! We had a good time. It is nice to have girlfriend who have boys too.

Life is good

This time last year my belly was just beginning to show. I finally had to break down and by my first pair of maternity pants and for weeks now I have been able to feel my unborn baby move all about in my womb. I was on cloud nine, I loved being pregnant. I felt great my morning sickness finally faded. I was glowing and in four months we were going to get to meet our baby! I could hardly wait. I have been waiting for this moment my entire life. Every since I was a little girl I would dream of being a mother. That was my dream job. In the meantime I was a mommy to all my dolls. Secretly I played house until I was fourteen,of course none of my friends new. It just wasn't cool. So don't you tell anybody. Who wants to be uncool?

Today was the day of my twenty week ultra sound. I woke up feeling like a little kid on Christmas morning. We were going to find out the sex of our baby. No I couldn't wait another four months,are you kidding?.

I remember the day so clearly. It was a beautiful September day. Their were a few clouds in the sky with the sun shining threw and you could smell the crisp autumn air. I took the day off from work so that my husband Eric,myself and my mother who was visiting from out of town could all go to my ultra sound. This would be my third ultra sound and I was so excited to get another glimpse of our precious baby and hopefully find out if we were going to have a boy or girl.

Honestly I didn't care one way or another. I just wanted a healthy baby. A girl would be fun. Since I am a girlie girl it would be fun to play dress up and have tea parties and do all the things that little girls do. I also would love to have a boy that looked just like his daddy. Every since Eric walked into my life five years ago I always thought to myself a little boy just like him would be adorable!

God, just please let our baby be healthy. Boy or girl. Healthy is our only wish, I prayed.

Honestly during my ultra scan I wasn't concerned that something would be wrong with our baby. My O.B already ruled out the two major birth defects that concerned them due to the medication I was taking to control my seizures. We know that our baby didn't have spinal bifidia or nurul tube defect. Our baby was going to be born healthy,honestly with these two birth defects ruled out their was nothing else that could possible go wrong? Just goes to show how naive I was.

It didn't even ac cure to me when the technician left the room several times or that he focussed in on one particular area of our baby. I didn't think twice. At my last two ultra sounds the technicians did the same thing and everything was fine. So everything will be find this time,right?

The three of us were thrilled to find out we were having a boy! I was going to have a son,that hopefully would just be like the man I loved,my amazing husband Eric. Life was good. We left with a picture of our son's profile.

On our drive home we discussed boy names. Which at the time we didn't agree on one single name. Eric dropped me off at home and he went on his merry way to work. My mother was already on her drive home to Washington.

It wasn't until around seven o'clock that evening that our life would change forever. I was on the internet registering for baby things for our little boy. When my phone rang and I didn't recognized the number.Normally if the number was unfamilar I would let it go to my voice mail. Some thing told me to answer it. I knew something was terrible wrong when I heard my O.B voice on the other line. I was hoping that maybe he was just calling to congratulate us on our sweet little boy! Wish full thinking. He started to explain to me that something was terrible wrong with our son. Keep in mind my Doctor had a deep Russian accent and I could barely understand a word he was saying. It didn't help by this time that I was already hysterically crying. The only thing I could make out was that my baby had a serious birth defect. Something called Congital Diaphragmatic Hernia,Whatever the heck was that? This was the first I have ever heard of this birth defect. My doctor began to try and explain CDH. I couldn't understand a word he said. I was in shock,disbelief this couldn't be happing to our baby.Maybe I am dreaming I know this is a nightmare and anytime now I am going to wake up and our son is going to be just fine. I knew that I wouldn't be able to explain everything the doctor was explaining to me to my husband. So I asked if he could call my husband at work and explain everything to him. You know what that jerk of an O.B said to me "yea but I need to make this quick,I have been at work all day" Are you frreak'en kidding me! Your telling me my baby is most likely going to die and all you can think about is how long you have been at work?JERK!!!!

When I hung up the phone I fell to the floor and laid their crying asking Why god?why our baby?When I was finally able to pick my self off of the floor I immediately went straight to the computer and began my research on CDH. That was a mistake. The more I read the more terrified I was. I was so scared of the unknown. Will my baby survive? and if he does will he be able to live a normal life? Am I strong enough to be a mother of child you is sick and might die?

After speaking with my doctor,my husband rushed home. As soon as he walked into our living room. He wrapped his arms around me and I cried into his shoulder.Then he explained to me what my O.B suggested we do. He thinks we should have an abortion. I couldn't believe that he wanted us to kill our son that was alive in my womb moving around and kicking me at this very moment.I didn't even know they did abortions this far along?

At the time I really thought that our baby was going to die. I was devastated and angry with god. Why us? Why our baby? whatever did you we do to you GOD? what did our baby do to deserve this?

Needless to say I never went back to that jerk of an O.B. I started seeing a new doctor who was wonderful. He gave us hope and hope is what we needed. As long as their was hope for our baby. We weren't going to give up on our son. He deserved a fighting chance. After all he was our little warrior and he would later prove himself to be one fierce fighter.

The rest of my pregnancy I tried to carry on like any normal pregnant lady. I had a few baby showers. I washed all of his little clothes and neatly folded them and put them away in his dresser (the same dresser that his daddy used when he was a baby,with a fresh coat of paint). I was trying to remain hopeful. We decided that we would prepare our selfs for the worst and hope for the best. Easier said than done. I was an emotional wreck for the rest of my pregnancy but tried to remain postive.

To be perfectly honest I was willing to be pregnant forever. If I was given the choice. I loved feeling my baby grow inside me. I treasured each and every time I felt my little warrior move around. As long as my baby was safely inside my womb nothing could arm him,he was safe.

Unfortunately when your body is ready their is no stopping labor. I learned that the night my water broke four days before I was scheduled to be induced. I was in a panic. I wasn't ready for this next step. I was scared of the unknown.

Twenty hours later our baby boy was born via c section. I remember the second I heard my little boy's faint cry I felt this overwhelming feeling of peace. Some how I new my baby was going to be fine. It was going to be a long and crazy roller coaster ride but my baby is going to beat CDH. He is a fighter.

I didn't get to meet our little guy until several hours later. He was rushed into the other room with the the team of doctors and nurses who were trying to stabilize him. After the doctor sewed me up I went to recovery.

I will never forget our first meeting. I was wheeled to the NICU on my bed and their was my sweet little boy on a ventilator looking so peaceful. He squeezed my finger and then it was time for me to say goodbye. I had to go to my room and rest. I hated leaving my baby but I new he was in the best of hands.

Eight months later my sweet little warrior Owain Douglas is a happy healthy baby. Other than his cool scar you would never know he had such a rough beginning. I feel incredible blessed to be his mother. I never take a day that goes by that we have with our son for granted. Every day is a joyful day. Life is good.

I am no longer angry with god. He did answer my prayers our son is healthy. Thank you god for giving me this gift of life, our son.

I have fantasies of running into my jerk of an O.B and showing him Owain. This is the same baby that you suggest we abort!....JERK!!!!!!

Life is good.

Happy Friday!

Owain and I love Fridays. Daddy will be home for the weekend and that means mommy will get to sleep in and we will have some good old family time. Woohoo! We have already had a busy Friday morning. We had to pick up Owain's prescription at the pharmacy and he had a doctors appointment. More detail on that later. We have to run on our way for a play date.Bye

I leave you with this picture I took of my little warrior this morning wearing his cute Ralph Lauren pjs and playing with his favorite blocks. Isn't he adorable? No I am not bias,not at all.

New Look!

As you can see we have a new look. I was getting tired of the blue. I wanted something fitting for our little warrior/pirate. So Owain's daddy Eric made this really cool pirate map for the back ground. I love it. Something new and differnt. I think it's fitting for our little warrior/pirate. Do you?


Today we took Owain shopping. It wasn't the first time our little man has gone shopping but it was his first time sitting in the shopping cart like a big boy! He had a great time checking everything and everyone out. He even saw some cute older girls ( I am guessing they were three and seven) to flirt with. I told him "your to young to date!"As you can see by the picture below he had fun.He didn't have his melt down until daddy put him back in his car seat. It was really close to his bedtime and I don't think he is feeling 100% like himself. He has a little cold. I hope it doesn't turn into anything else. If he ends up getting a fever I plan on taking him to the doctor. Because he no longer as his spleen he his at higher risk to getting an infection so we need to keep a close on him. Hopefully tonight will be a better night of sleep for us all.

Heaven gets another Angel

Kaden James Morrow lost his fight against CDH (Congital Diaphragmatic Hernia) this morning. He fought for twenty nine days. Sweet little Kaden what a warrior, may you rest in peace. Please pray for his parents James and Jamie and his big sister Kayleigh while they get through this very difficult time.

August 18,2008-September 16,2008

Some more pics

Here are some more pictures from labor day weekend. For some reason when I first tried to download these pictures it wouldn't work. I have know idea why? I tried several times and each time it failed until today!

The first picture is Owain with his grandma and grandpa M I love this picture that daddy took of big cousin Isaiah!
Hanging out with grandma M. We miss you!

I spoke to soon

Last night was a sleepless night in our house. I think Owain must have some how figured out that I spilled the beans and told everyone how easy it was to put him to sleep. nothing was easy about last night. It took me two and half hours to get him to sleep. Finally I thought. He managed to stay asleep for another three and half hours. After that he woke up just about every hour on the hour and to top it off he decided playtime would be from five to seven this morning. Considering at this point I only had four hours of interrupted sleep. I was exhausted! I still am!

I think one of the reasons Owain had such a rough time sleeping is that he is teething. Poor baby he has been teething for months and still not one tooth has come through. I also think he might be getting his first cold. Daddy has been sick all weekend and now our little man is sneezing,coughing and has a runny noise. No wonder he had a hard time sleeping? I am going to keep an eye on his cold and if it seems to be getting worse we will be making a trip to his pediatrician.

Say goodbye to my little monster and hello big boy!

Every since we got back from our labor day weekend trip Owain has decided that he is a big boy now and that he wants to sleep in his big boy crib. You might remember me posting awhile back about how I created a monster. Bed time in my house use to be a long drawn out process. It use to take me three house to get our little man in a deep enough sleep that he wouldn't wake up when I laid him down in his crib.

Our nightly routine use to go something like this, I would give him his bottle and his cocktail (1oz,formula with his penicilin). Burp him, rock him for at least half an hour ,sometime longer. Then I would lay my sleeping boy down in his crib. As soon as I would walk away he would wake up screaming. This would go on for three hours just amount every night. Don't worry Owain wouldn't scream for three hours but we would go through this routine until he was finally in a deep enough sleep. So that mommy could have some mommy time. I usually use my mommy time to wash bottles,eat dinner,take a shower or just relax .You ask where is daddy during all of this? At work, daddy works swing so he usually gets to miss the whole bedtime routine.Lucky for him.

After a few months of this I thought I was going to go bananas. I desperately needed my mommy time. I love snuggling with my little man and rocking him but taking three hours to get to sleep just wasn't working. So I decided after rocking him didn't work I would lay him in his crib with his soothie ,tuck him in and tell him it's time to go to sleep( I signed sleep too). As soon as I would walk away (out of eyesight from Owain) he would pull out his soothie and cry. This part was never easy for me I hated standing by listening to my sweet baby cry. I would let him cry for about ten minutes (the longest ten minute ever!) At first Owain never stopped crying in that ten minutes so I would walk back into the room pick him up tell him it's time to go to sleep and rock him for a few minutes . After this cycle (sometimes I would do this over again for an hour) he usually would go right back to sleep. Still this whole process was taking awhile. Then finally something amazing happened! Owain decided he was ready to go to sleep all by himself! Bedtime and nap time is a piece of cake now. This is our new routine and I love it! After his bottle and some snuggle time I give him his soothie tell him it's time to go to sleep and guess what? He does just that without any tears. Sometimes he plays then he fall asleep. I can't believe what a big boy he is and how incredible easy bedtime is now.Woohoo!

Wow this post is getting to be much longer than I anticipated. So Iwill leave you with this picture of my little man sleeping like a baby!

Kaden needs our prayers!

I just discovered another CDH babies who is in the mist of his battle with CDH. Baby Kaden he is having a really difficult time. Please pray for Kaden and his family. Pray that he will be strong enough to beat CDH and pray for lung function.

Thank You

Owain and his new bath tub

Today Owain graduated from his baby bath. He now bathes in this really cool blow up rubber duckie bath. It even quacks! You can't really tell by the pictures (he was really tired)but I think Owain really enjoyed his new bath. I know I did . It made bath time so much easier. He actually out grew his baby bath awhile ago and we have been using is bumbo seat. I know I know your not suppose to use it in the tub. Don't worry I never filled the tub up with water. I would bathe him while the water would run and Owain liked to put his hand in under the water. The problem with the bumbo(besides the obvious ) is that Owain wasn't able to really enjoy splashing in the water and it was hard for mommy to get to every area the need to be washed.

Happy Six Months Sophia!

I am a day late but I wanted to wish Sophia Miller a happy birthday! She is such an amazing little girl. I have been following Sophia's story since the day she was born and began her fight against CDH. I love reading other CDH success stories like Sophia. They are so inspirational and I know when I was pregnant with my little man stories like Sophia's gave me so much hope.

Jennifer (Sophia's mom) made a lovely video of Sophia's story. She also created an information site about CDH (Congenial Diaphragmatic Hernia). I remember when I first googled CDH and found very little information. I think it is wonderful that she took the time to create this site. Thanks Jennifer! Check it out a Sophia's CDH info

Elli earned her wings

It saddens me to have to post this baby Elliott Arcile Reed lost her battle with CDH (congital diagrammatic hernia). She put up a good fight. She was one tough warrior princess. My heart aches for her parents Brian and Cassi.Please keep them in their thoughts and prayers.

Elliott Arcile Reed
You will always be remembered
8/19/08 - 9/8/08

Fall is almost here!

I love this time of year in Oregon. Summer is coming to an end and the leafs on the trees are beginning to change color and fall one by one. That is when you know fall is here. A few weeks ago Owain got his first taste of fall when we went to the park he found a leaf laying on the ground and of course he picked it up and put right in his mouth. What else would you do with a leaf?

Burnt Carrots

This story actually happened a couple of months ago. I thought it was comical so here it goes my silly story of how I burned carrots. As I mentioned before I started making homemade baby food for Owain. It's pretty easy. The first few foods I cooked for him was yams (his favorite), green beans,apple sauce. I have been slowly introducing a new food to him every few weeks. I thought the next vegetable would be carrots. So I went to the farmers market and bought a bundle of carrots. Then I peeled them,sliced them into little pieces and got the pan ready to steam them.

For those of you that don't know me is I am not a huge cook. I am more of a baker. Before ever making Owain's baby food I never really cooked vegetables. When I ate vegetables it was usually because someone (like Owain's daddy) would cook them or I would just eat them raw. My point I am trying to make is that this was my first time using the steamer.

I filled the pan with water just enough that the water was touching the steamer. Then I placed the carrots in the steamer turned the burner on high and walked away. what was my mistake?

While the carrots were burning/cooking I was distracted by Owain. We were playing on that blanket in the living room. I kept checking on the carrots in between our play time and everything seemed to be fine. So I thought.

I did keep smelling a burning smell. I checked the carrots again and they looked fine. I figured something in the burner was making the burning smell. My carrots didn't look burned. They still had a few minutes left in the steamer so played with Owain some more.

After a few minutes I went to get the carrots off the stove. Uh oh something wasn't right? The carrots looked fine until I tried to get them out of the steamer and they were completely burned on the bottom and so was the pan. All the water that was in the pan evaporated and the pan was completely black!

So what were my two mistakes? I will tell you my first was having the burner on high and my second mistake was I forgot to put a lid on the pan. Whoops. Needless to say Owain didn't get to try carrots on this particular day and It took a couple of days of soaking for the pan and lots of elbow grease to get it clean.

I defiantly learned from this. I learned burnt carrots smell really good! and when steaming vegetables you don't need the burner on high and never forget the lid.

Needless to say the second time I steamed carrots for Owain was a success. Carrots are now one of Owain's favorite foods. It's all about trial and error. I figure by the time Owain is a toddler I will be an expert on cooking vegetable.

Since then Owain has had bananas and avocado. He just had his first food allergy yesterday. For lunch we gave him some avocado with a little bit of rice cereal. This was his second time having avocado. The first time he just had a few bites and shortly after that I noticed he had a few red bumps around his mouth. Owain has really sensitive skin so I just took note of it. I wasn't sure if it was avocado or something else. Now I know it's avocado. Three hours after his lunch he had red bumps all over his little mouth.

I called ask a nurse and she said "since he doesn't have a fever,isn't breathing funny and doesn't' seem to be making him uncomfortable to just keep an eye on it" So I did and I am happy to report this morning when Owain woke up most of the red bumps are gone. Woohooo! No more avocado until Owain turns one then we will try it again.

Labor Day Weekend part four

For the last few days I have been trying to upload some pictures of Owain with his Grandma M and for some reason I haven't been able to get them uploaded. So here are some pictures that I took with a different camera during our weekend trip to Eugene. In these pictures Grandma is reading Owain a really cute book she bought for him while sitting on his grandpa's lap. It's a touch and feel book about farm animals. We love it Grandma thank you!

Thank You...Grandma P

Grandma Thank you for the shirt...It's to cute and so true! Here is a close up it says Tugging on Grandma's heart
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Labor Day Pictures part three

IT was so nice to be able to visit family this past weekend. We were able to visit with my grandparents (Owain's great grandparents). They have only met Owain once and that was last April. Owain has changed so much since then. It was wonderful to see Owain put a smile on his great grandma. Here are some pictures of our time together. MMmm...Great grandma's oxygen tube.Why didn't
anyone tell me this stuff is great on the gums!
Owain with his Great grandpa and big cuz Isaiah
I love this pic his blue eyes really stand out.
Owain hanging out with is Grandpa(my dad).
Don't worry if your worried that this is all of the pictures from Labor day weekend your in luck because I have plenty more I plan on sharing. I just have to weed through them some more.Your probally wondering how many pictures did they take that it takes three days to post. I will just say "we had two cameras and for the last seven months I have been camera happy"

Parker House

I copied this from Sophia's blog and I wanted to share this with my readers and to see if maybe we all can come together to help spread awareness and help other families who are having to face the CDH roller coaster ride.

Parker Reese Singletary was born May 7, 2006 and fought a hard battle against CDH for 20 hours. On January 1, 2008, Parker's Mommy and Daddy formed The Parker Reese Foundation in memory of their daughter to help other families affected by CDH.

In May of this year, some dear friends of the Singletary's very generously donated a house to The Parker Reese Foundation. Yes - a house! This house is appropriately named "Parker's House" in memory of sweet Parker. Parker's House is meant to be a "home away from home" for families with a CDH baby at Duke or UNC Chapel Hill that have come from far away. It's located 20 minutes between either hospital and CDH families may stay free of charge for just one night or for many months. What an unbelievable gift to these families during what is such a difficult time!!

Recently Parker's Mommy, Jessica, contacted me. The Singletary's are decorating Parker's House with photos of other CDH babies. She has been following Sofia's story and requested some photos of Sofia to display in Parker's House. I am so honored to know that Sofia's photos will be hanging on the walls in Parker's House, giving hope to other CDH families.

The Parker Reese Foundation and Parker's House are made possible by donations. Parker's House has a "Wish List" containing items needed to keep the house stocked for its very important guests. In fact, another CDH family I have been following will be moving in this month when their baby arrives. So these items will be helping them. Please consider donating something from the Wish List or making a monetary donation from The Parker Reese Foundation website. Monetary donations may be made securely through Paypal by clicking the Paypal link in the upper left hand corner of their website, or also by clicking here. I made my donation just now!

Physical Therapy and Weight Check

Today Owain had a follow up with his physical therapist. The last time Owain was evaluated by his physical therapist was when he was two months old. At that time Owain was doing everything developmentally right on track. She didn't think that Owain needed to be seen until now. She was very pleased with his progress. She said that he has hit most of his six month mile stones. He is rolling over from front to back,back to front,he scoots all over the place. He can sit up all by himself (still a little wobblie and tends to loose his balance and fall over). She gave us some handouts of some exercises to do at home to help him gain more balance while sitting and to get him to go from sitting to laying down all by himself. The visit went very well considering it was Owain's nap time. He enjoyed playing with all the cool toys. Owain does not need to go back to physical therapy until he is ten months old. So in the mean time we will work on these exercises at home. Oh and another thing we need to work on his his upper body strength. When on his belly he tends to get tired easy and want to rest his head. I think maybe his head might be to heavy for him. LOL.He does wear twelve month hats and everything else he wears is three months to six months.

Here is a picture of Owain practicing sitting. Trying to can do it!
Therapist trying to get Owain to crawl.
As you can see he had other plans. Silly boy!

One thing that the Physical Therapist brought to our attention is that she read on Owain's discharge chart from Legacy Emmanuel is that he has T11 Hemiventebrae. From her professional opinion it doesn't' seem to be affecting him as of right now. It is something to keep a close eye on as he grows. I was a little frustrated when we heard of this as this was the first time it was brought to our attention. The Doctors at Legacy never brought this to our attention! How are we suppose to keep a close eye on something that no one even bothered to tell us? Don't get me wrong the Doctors at Legacy were amazing with Owain's care. Some how this was over looked and I plan on speaking with Dr.Zigman about it and we will learn more when Owain has his next xray at nine months. I also plan on getting a copy of all of his medical records.

After Physical Therapy we had Owain get his weight check. He now weighs 13lbs. 9.5oz he has put on a little bit of weight since his last weight check six weeks ago. At that time he weighed 12lbs. 7.5oz. He still is only in the one percentile as far as weight. The good news is he hasn't lost any weight since leaving the NICU. We plan on getting in contact with DR.H his pediatrician and re evaluating his feeding plan. We might have to up his calorie in take. Right now he is on a 25 cal with his formula. I am not to terrible concerned as long as he is on the curve and not loosing any weight I am ok with that.

Update on Baby Elliott

Today Elliott is stable enough that the Doctors are going to put everything that is in her silo back where it belongs.Please keep the Reed family in your thoughts and prayers today while Elli has yet another surgery.

Elli keep staying strong! Your a true warrior princess!

ANother CDH baby needs our prayers!

Another CDH baby need are prayers. Baby Ella is thirteen months old and she is having surgery today. Please keep Ella and her family in your thoughts and prayers today. Pray that she will remain stable through surgery and have a speedy recovery. To read up on Ella's story go here.

Thank You

Labot Day Weekend part 2

At the park Owain got to swing in a big boy swing for the first time. Here he is trying to decide if this is fun or not? Not really digging the swing

Later Owain got to swing with daddy and he decided that wasn't so bad.

More pictures to come.....

Labor Day Weekend Pictures part 1

During our little vacation to Eugene we meet up with some of my girlfriends,their husbands and their two beautiful little girls. We had a great day at the park. It has been well over a year since we all have been able to get together. It was neat to see each other in our lives now that we all have settled down and have families.

To be continued.....

Home Sweet Home

We've been home now for a couple of ours from our three day weekend adventure visiting with family and friends in Eugene,Oregon. We had a wonderful time but boy does it feel good to be home. I think Owain is really happy to be home too. The last half hour of our drive he was not to happy crying off and on. As soon as we got to our front door Owain went from unhappy crying baby to all smiles. He played for a little bit with some of his toys he has been missing,ate some yummy green beans,had a bottle and as I type this he is fast a sleep in his crib.

Home Sweet Home

We took a ton of pictures from our trip I would love to share but that will have to wait until tomorrow. I think I am going to call it a night and crash.Woohoo my own bed!