Project Life week 6

Saturday February 12,2011
Owain and I made Valentines for he's new friends at school. Monday the 14th will be he's first day of preschool and my first day at work.

Sunday February 13,2011
We went over to Grandma P's house for a pre-valentines dinner.Owain loved his singing Alvin and the chipmunk card. The M&M's were a huge hit to.
Monday February 14,2011
Owain's first day of Preschool went great. He didn't want to leave and I had a great day teaching again. Once we were home for the evening Owain snuggled up with daddy. I love these two.
Tuesday February 15,2011
After a long day at work and school we came home to the fire alarm going off,. No fire, thank you god. Most likely some kids pulling the alarm. This was not the first time.The highlight Owain got to see the firetruck. About the same time I snapped this photo my mom called with some sad news my grandpa past away. Rest in Peace grandpa. We love you.Say "hi" to grandma from all of us.
Wednesday February 16,2011
Owain made a cleaning glove at school today.
Thursday February 17,2011
I visited Owain's class during my break this is what they were up to...
Friday February 18,2011

After a long day of work and school we made to our hotel in Aberdeen,WA.We were pleasantly surprised to hear we were upgraded to a suite free of charge.
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  1. Those valentines are super cute.