Saturday February 26

Daddy and Owain ventured off to the Children's Museum while I got some much needed reset,being under the weather and all. I love this picture! This child light bright brings me back to my childhood.  .
Sunday February 27,2011
Still pretty sick, while I rested some more my two boys visited Papa's house for dinner.
Monday February 28
I love this picture of O in the playroom at his school with his friend.These two look so much a like they could be related.
Tuesday March 1
Today one of my little girls in my class drew a picture of me. My heart melted. Notice I have a crown :-)
Wednesday March 2
Our furry Children.
Thursday March 3
Owain was sent home from school with his first case of PINK EYE!

Friday March 3

I don't have a picture of for today. O and I both stayed home from school, thanks Pink eye! I am going put this favorite pic of my boy. He looks so grown up here.
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